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Photos that will annoy you. :p

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Yours, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Funny Photos: 10 Everyday Objects That Will Annoy You To No End

    The World's Worst... Watering Can

    Perfect for the friend who complains that they can't keep a plant alive.

    The World's Worst... Wine Glass

    Perfect for that coworker who always goes too far at the holiday party.

    The World's Worst... Rain Boots

    Perfect for that "So it's storming! Let's go!" hiker.

    The World's Worst... Pot

    Perfect for the cook who can't.

    The World's Worst... Chair
    Perfect for the guest who stays and stays and...

    The World's Worst... Door
    Perfect for uninvited guests.

    The World's Worst... Spoon
    Perfect for the friend who wants to share your lunch.

    The World's Worst... Fork

    The World's Worst... Broom

    Perfect for the spring cleaner who likes to take all day.

    The World's Worst... Key
    Perfect for the roommate who knows no boundaries.
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  2. ahahaha astig yung susi! xD panu i rorotate yan pag insaksak mo sa lock xD astig din yung pot haha
  3. N1ghtmare

    N1ghtmare Forum Veteran Established

    ahaha..puro sablay :D
  4. Hahahaha dami ko tawa rito boss :D
  5. grabe talaga ang nakaimbento nito hehe

    mapapaisip ka talaga haha

    di ku din alam eh. hahahaha
    blakejohnny84 likes this.
  6. EARZE

    EARZE PHC Contributor Established

    Thanks for sharing boss grabe yung fork.. (y)
  7. ang kapal ng fork. ang hirap gamitin hehe.. :D
  8. anokamo

    anokamo Eternal Poster Established

  9. nakakainis nga talaga ! sa hagdan pa lang muntik nako mahulog ! :mad:
  10. zyrele

    zyrele Addict Established

    Nagsisisi po ako naview ko.
  11. hahaha tama ka nakakairita nga :mad:
  12. Thanks for sharing :)
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