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Discussion in 'Smart, Talk 'N Text, & Sun' started by jtonz, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. First Step : unzip or unpack apk file

    Method 1 :

    Rename ".apk" to ".zip" then open with any zip or file manager then extract

    Method 2 :

    Using X-Plore, Long press the apk file then select "Open APK as ZIP"

    Mark Everything then copy to a folder.

    Step 2 :

    Have all of your Image files ready.

    Now browse your way through


    replace these files with your own,

    tb_background_top.png (Menu Bar) tb_background_bottom.png (Navigation Bar) next_tab.png (Right Tab button) previous_tab.png (Left Tab Button) bubbleright48.png (Floating Icon / Right) bubbleleft48.png (Floating Icon / Left)

    This icons will show when you press the menu button on the browser.


    These are the flags on the "Region" drop down menu :

    flag_gb.png - United Kingdom flag_hk.png - Hong Kong flag_jp.png - Japan flag_sg.png - Singapore flag_us.png - United States flag_nl.png - Netherlands flag_ca.png - Canada flag_de.png -flag_unknown - Best Performance

    Now go to : "res/drawable-hdpi-v4"

    gd_quick_action_grid_bg.9.png - "Backgroud of sub menu when you press the Web Icon" gd_quick_action_arrow_up.png - Top Left Arrow of the sub menu gd_quick_action_grid_bottom_frame.9.png - Bottom Border of Sub menu gd_quick_action_grid_top_frame.9.png - Top border of Sub Menu gd_quick_action_grid_selector_pressed.9.png - Backgroud Image when Item is Selected on Sub Menu btn_default_pressed.9.png - BG of selected item on Menu Bar btn_default_pressed.png - BG of selected item on Nav Bar fav_icn_background.png - Icon Background ic_launcher.png - App Icon status_icon_connected.png - Connected Icon on Home Tab status_icon_connecting.png - Connecting Icon on Home Tab status_icon_disconnected.png - Idle Icon on Home Tab notification_icon_connected.png - Status Bar Connected notification_icon_connecting.png - Status Bar Connecting /Idle notification_icon_upgrade_available.png - Status Bar Upgrade

    you can also overwrite any existing files that is on other folders.

    Step 3 :

    After Replacing all Images, Recompress the folder as ZIP then Sign it.

    Step 4 :

    Install then Test.
  2. habang process din ah xD
  3. Gawa na tayo haha

    YOVICPAW Addict Established

    Another gamut nito phone oh PC ?
    Thanks for sharing(y)
  5. Kaya ko ba yan :ROFLMAO:
  6. Thanks For Sharing (y)

    YOVICPAW Addict Established

    Sorry ano gamut nito phone oh pc
  8. alam ko cp po gamit ni ts . :cat:
  9. Thanks po ts
    Pa try nito (y)
  10. xDotSelrahc

    xDotSelrahc Addict Established

    Thanks for sharing idol ito hinahanal ko e :D
  11. varus

    varus Honorary Poster Established

    Apk editor na lang mas madali pa
  12. Bat ayaw sa akin ng apkeditor. Pag sini save ko kasi parating may nagpapakitang X .. kahit app rename lang nag i X parin.
  13. A C E

    A C E Eternal Poster Established

    pano ibalik bilang apk file ?
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