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Discussion in 'Smart, Talk 'N Text, & Sun' started by jtonz, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. First Step : unzip or unpack apk file

    Method 1 :

    Rename ".apk" to ".zip" then open with any zip or file manager then extract

    Method 2 :

    Using X-Plore, Long press the apk file then select "Open APK as ZIP"

    Mark Everything then copy to a folder.

    Step 2 :

    Have all of your Image files ready.

    Now browse your way through


    replace these files with your own,

    tb_background_top.png (Menu Bar) tb_background_bottom.png (Navigation Bar) next_tab.png (Right Tab button) previous_tab.png (Left Tab Button) bubbleright48.png (Floating Icon / Right) bubbleleft48.png (Floating Icon / Left)

    This icons will show when you press the menu button on the browser.


    These are the flags on the "Region" drop down menu :

    flag_gb.png - United Kingdom flag_hk.png - Hong Kong flag_jp.png - Japan flag_sg.png - Singapore flag_us.png - United States flag_nl.png - Netherlands flag_ca.png - Canada flag_de.png -flag_unknown - Best Performance

    Now go to : "res/drawable-hdpi-v4"

    gd_quick_action_grid_bg.9.png - "Backgroud of sub menu when you press the Web Icon" gd_quick_action_arrow_up.png - Top Left Arrow of the sub menu gd_quick_action_grid_bottom_frame.9.png - Bottom Border of Sub menu gd_quick_action_grid_top_frame.9.png - Top border of Sub Menu gd_quick_action_grid_selector_pressed.9.png - Backgroud Image when Item is Selected on Sub Menu btn_default_pressed.9.png - BG of selected item on Menu Bar btn_default_pressed.png - BG of selected item on Nav Bar fav_icn_background.png - Icon Background ic_launcher.png - App Icon status_icon_connected.png - Connected Icon on Home Tab status_icon_connecting.png - Connecting Icon on Home Tab status_icon_disconnected.png - Idle Icon on Home Tab notification_icon_connected.png - Status Bar Connected notification_icon_connecting.png - Status Bar Connecting /Idle notification_icon_upgrade_available.png - Status Bar Upgrade

    you can also overwrite any existing files that is on other folders.

    Step 3 :

    After Replacing all Images, Recompress the folder as ZIP then Sign it.

    Step 4 :

    Install then Test.

    YOVICPAW Addict Established

    Another gamut nito phone oh PC ?
    Thanks for sharing(y)

    YOVICPAW Addict Established

    Sorry ano gamut nito phone oh pc
  4. alam ko cp po gamit ni ts . :cat:
  5. Thanks po ts
    Pa try nito (y)
  6. Kill_Roy

    Kill_Roy Forum Veteran Established

  7. Thanks for sharing idol ito hinahanal ko e :D
  8. varus

    varus Honorary Poster Established

    Apk editor na lang mas madali pa
  9. 17jcdee19

    17jcdee19 Addict Established

    Bat ayaw sa akin ng apkeditor. Pag sini save ko kasi parating may nagpapakitang X .. kahit app rename lang nag i X parin.
  10. ReFreshBand

    ReFreshBand Enthusiast Established

  11. A C E

    A C E Eternal Poster Established

    pano ibalik bilang apk file ?
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