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Trivia Philippines shocking history (Jose Rizal in 1879)

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by meowzkingz, May 16, 2015.

  1. Jose Rizal in 1879 as a student at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila.


    1. Rizal was discriminated by his professors and the friars?
    -He was given the highly unusual privilege of being allowed to take up his pre-Med with Med proper--a feat allowable only with the full endorsement of the Spanish Rector who was a friar himself and the approval of the Spanish Governor General.

    2. Filipino students were racially discriminated?
    -There were initially 24 students in his first year, but only 7 remained in his fourth year in UST with Rizal as 2nd place and with Cornelio Mapa, a fellow Filipino student, topping the class. The top 4 were Filipinos while the bottom 3 who got dismal grades were Spanish.

    3. Rizal got low grades?
    -No one in their right mind should compare HS grades with grades in Medicine. Rizal took Segunda Ensenanza at the Ateneo Municipal, which is comparable to HS in today's terms.
    -If there is a point of comparison, then that should not be his grades in the Ateneo, but with his fellow med classmates.
    -Rizal was 2nd in his 4th year at UST with Cornelio Mapa, also a Filipino, placing first.
    -He is not on record as having ever complained about his grades in UST, while he did complain about those he received in Madrid.

    Main reference:
    Villarroel, F. (1985). Jose Rizal and the University of Santo Tomas. Manila

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  2. Interrogative form:
    1. Was Rizal being discriminated by his professors and the friars?
    2. Were Filipino students racially discriminated?
    (I did not get the point of the answer to the question. How could we tell through class standing? Maybe profs are just fair in giving grades, but how about the way they interact? I'm not pulling their legs, but if there's no really discrimination that time, then good.)
    3. Did Rizal get low grades?
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