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PhCorner T-Shirt

Discussion in 'Polls & Survey' started by TheScript, Jan 16, 2014.


Anung Gusto Niyo ?

Poll closed Mar 6, 2014.
  1. T-Shirt 1

    1 vote(s)
  2. T-Shirt 2

    13 vote(s)
  3. T-Shirt 3

    1 vote(s)
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  1. Please Vote Wisely

    T-Shirt 1
    T-Shirt 2
    T-Shirt 3

    Price : Di PA alam

    Comments,Suggestions ,Clarifications
    Just Post :D :D
  2. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    T-Shirt 2 po sakin, Neat (y)
    xSilent and RiRA like this.
  3. I'll go for #2 (y)
    RiRA likes this.
  4. Number "2" din ako..
    RiRA likes this.
  5. Causing Glenn

    Causing Glenn daemonX Staff Member Moderator

    _nice design, i'll go for #2 :D
    xSilent and RiRA like this.
  6. 2 po, astig yung design
  7. 2 din ako, mas simple mas astig(y)
  8. #2 po maganda..
  9. #2 po astig..malinis tingnan
  10. all the way for #2 :ROFLMAO:
  11. richardrr

    richardrr Forum Expert Established

    #2 sa akin boss..
    TheScript likes this.
  12. meron na yung sample sa fb ko boss Please or Register to view links
  13. Jerbhadz

    Jerbhadz Eternal Poster Established

    I'll go for #2...it looks nice & clean...(y)
  14. Kuya chard patulong naman pano mag ka fbt sa smart or sun
  15. T-shirt 1 po akin master.. kailan po i lalaunch yan mga sir?
  16. syempre mganda un #3 pero...majority win..let move to #2 :)
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