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Discussion in 'Clash of Clans' started by jrockers, Apr 26, 2015.

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  1. #### PHCORNER.NET CoC Clan Rule Book ####​

    This is Our Clan Rules!

    1. Only donate troops that are being asked. If you don't have what is requested, just skip it.

    2. If you want to request a certain level of troops, make sure you have at least the same level that you can donate to others in the clan. This will give low level members a chance to donate and boost their donations. Don't worry, many elders have high level troops that they donate.

    3. Only Leader, Co-leaders and Elders will donate for Clan Wars (Defense and Attack Clan Castles). Donations will be assigned. Best troops will be donated.

    4. During clan wars, 1st attack should be within +/- 3 spots of your same number in the ranking. Members with low level townhalls will have the first choice to attack low level town halls of the enemy clan. If members with high level townhalls want to attack early in the war, make sure to attack only the bases that match your strength (within +/- 3 spots). This way, we can give chance for everyone to participate. For the 2nd attack, you can proceed in attacking bases outside the +/- 3 spots if your troops and spells are ready AND ONLY IF you have contributed at least 2 stars in the war. Otherwise, you have to wait until leaders have the go signal. In cases that your troops/spells are not complete because of upgrades, you can ask permission from leaders/elders first before attacking lower ranks of the enemy.

    5. Leaders will announce loot time during clan wars. This will happen when the clan has a sure win. Winning stars will be the priority. Anyone who will attack only townhalls just to get loots will be given a warning. Repeat offenders will be kicked out.

    6. Anyone who did not participate in 2 consecutive clan wars will be kicked out. You can always come back once you become active again.

    7. To become an elder, member should be active donators and be online daily. Minimum donation to become an elder is 2,200. Elders should maintain at least 1400 donations on every league season (2 weeks that start on Mondays) and should participate in every war.

    8. Make sure to donate even a small percentage of your troops received. Inactive members and those who break the rules will be kicked after 2 warnings.
    Elders who do not maintain required number of donations and who do not follow the rules will be demoted.
    Elders, stay vigilant and report unpleasant behaviors to Leader and/or Co-Leader.
    Members, report abusive behaviors of Elders and other Members.
    If you think you will be inactive for a couple days/weeks, just please inform the Leader/Co-Leader, or any Elder. This will put you on LOA (Leave of Absence) status, only applicable for 2 weeks of inactivity.
    Please let us know if you have any more suggestions for this clan.

    ***Be active, Be fair, Be respectful, Be thankful. Happy Clashing.***

    *** We are Accepting New Members with TH7 up, and lvl 9 Barracks ***

    Facebook Group => PHCORNER.NET (COC CLAN) Please or Register to view links

    -Swat2014 (jrockers)
    -TH45™ (The Script)
    -Apollo Jones

    Credits to my OLD clan JTPH:)
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2015
  2. ako TH7 na :happy:

    mag lelevel 9 din barracks ko bukas :D
    jrockers likes this.
  3. Sali kana tol para marami na tayo. :D
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