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Tutorial Phcorner 1.4.0 - poll improvements

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Draft, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Welcome to the first Have You Seen for PHCorner 1.4.0. I'll be posting plenty more of these over the coming days so keep checking back for more.

    First up, we're going to cover the wide variety of improvements we've made to the poll system.

    New Poll Options:

    There are a number of new options and controls when you create a new poll:
    1. Polls are no longer limited to one or multiple choices. The creator can now control exactly how many responses a user can select. If they select the maximum amount, the other options will automatically disable to indicate this.
    2. Voters can now change their votes, if the option is selected. This is useful to handle cases where people make mistakes, a response is missing, or if people just change their mind.
    3. Poll results can be limited to only be viewed by people that have voted. This can help to limit gaming of polls or " Please or Register to view links".
    The options surrounding public votes and poll closing remain as is.

    Editing a Poll
    These new options spill over into the existing system for editing a poll, but there are some important changes.

    First, a poll can be added directly to an existing thread. This can be done by the thread creator or a moderator.

    The thread creator can also edit an existing poll with some limits. If there are no votes in the poll, they have full access to edit everything about it or to simply remove it. However, if there are votes on the poll, some options remain editable and new responses can be added; the question and existing responses cannot be changed. Moderator poll editing remains roughly unchanged.

    Moderators always have the option to entirely remove a poll. Additionally, they can also reset all votes in a poll without changing any other options.

    Finally, if you merge a thread with a poll into a "basic" thread (just a simple discussion), the poll will be maintained.
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  5. thats the way i like it keep up the good work and more power guys (y)
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  8. snap

    snap Addict Established

    Nice :DNice :D
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  11. yon oh very super too much nice boss Draft hahaha ano daw? hahaha :P
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    nice boss (y)
  13. Thnx po :happy::notworthy:
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    paano ba gawin ko,..mahirap ako sa english mag unawa.hahaha..pa tulong para ma continue ko ito
  15. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

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