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Tutorial Phcorner 1.4.0 - automated bounce email handling

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Draft, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Most website or forums need to deal with members whose email address becomes invalid. Sometimes the user will go ahead and change it, but other times forum will fire off emails to this now invalid address.

    Email delivery failures can happen for a wide variety of reasons. If we continually send to an address that has been disabled, for example, this can count against our domain/IP's email reputation. A lower email reputation can lead to reduced email deliverability as our domain may appear to be a spammer.

    Therefore, when we are notified that an email can't be delivered, we may want to prevent further emails from being sent to that user. PHCorner 1.3.0 added a new user state that represents an invalid email, but we had to manually change users into this state. With a decent size forum like PHC, this could be tedious and time consuming at best and impossible to manage at worst.

    To handle this, PHCorner 1.4.0 implements an automated bounce email processing system. This is a fairly detailed and technical system, but it allows an important maintenance action to be automated.

    Soft and Hard Bounces
    Bounce notifications report a wide range of issues. Some of these are unlikely to ever be resolved and others may be temporary or specific to a single message. This is where a soft and hard bounce distinction becomes necessary.

    When a hard bounce happens, action will be taken immediately (setting the user state to indicate that their email is invalid). These issues are unlikely to ever be resolved, except maybe through dumb luck. Most commonly, this will be an invalid mailbox (the part to the left of the @ in the address).

    Soft bounces include:
    • The recipient's mailbox being full
    • DNS/connectivity issues
    • The message being too long (as other messages may go through)
    Soft bounces don't trigger the user state change until multiple messages bounce. The exact behavior is defined by a set of criteria:

    Using the values in the screenshot, the email would only be considered invalid if:
    • We received 3 or more bounce notifications
    • The bounce notifications happened on 3 or more distinct days
    • The amount of time between the first and last bounce is at least 5 days

    So to keep your account here fully working (without being locked out), be sure to use a VALID email ;)
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  2. Nice Update sir draft... :)
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  3. snap

    snap Addict Established

    Nice :)
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  4. Very Informative Thanks a lot for being active Admin Sir draft.
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  5. tsok111

    tsok111 Eternal Poster Established

    salamat sir draft
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  6. Yes sir.....
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  7. Very Informative Thanks a lot for being active Admin Sir draft

    gantong ganto din sasabihin ko boss Draft kaso nauna na pala si boss GravityZer05 hahaha kaya ayan copy paste nalang hahaha :P
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  8. richardrr

    richardrr Forum Expert Established

    avoid disposable email..
    use this only in creating account
    for cproxy..
  9. jpotz

    jpotz Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    thanks sir(y)
  10. thanks for the info.:)
  11. crysmann21

    crysmann21 Addict Established

    very impressive information..
    thanks to you boss Draft
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  12. thnx sir.................................................
  13. bigpanda

    bigpanda Eternal Poster Established

    dinugo ako, buti nlang kahit pano may naintindihan ako. salamat sir!

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