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PH ranked among the worst in the world in LTE speed and coverage

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by tubero101, Feb 5, 2016.

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    MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines has been ranked among the lowest in LTE (Long Term Evolution) internet speed and coverage by Open Signal, the leading source of insight into the coverage and performance of mobile operators worldwide.

    With an average LTE coverage of 43%, the Philippines was only three spots away from the bottom of the worst-performing countries in the world, only slightly better than Ecuador (41%), Costa Rica (41%) and Sri Lanka (39%).

    Overall for global LTE comparison, the Philippines was the 7th slowest with an average of 6 Mbps LTE download speed, faring a little better than Bolivia (6), Puerto Rico (6), Pakistan (4) , Saudi Arabia (3), Costa Rica (3) and Iran (3).

    According to the Please or Register to view links by Open Signal, the country’s two leading network providers – Globe Telecom and Smart Communications – are miles behind compared to their counterparts in Singapore and South Korea, the top two countries in LTE technology.

    Globe, which is ranked no. 159th globally, currently offers 4 Mbps speed with 48% LTE coverage. On the other hand, Smart, which is at no. 177, has a speed of 7 Mbps with 38% coverage.

    By comparison, Singapore tops the LTE download speed with 37 Mbps; followed by New Zealand (29), Hungary (28), Israel (28), South Korea (27%), Romania (26), Denmark (25), Australia (24), United Arab Emirates (23), and Netherlands (23).

    In terms of coverage, South Korea has the best with 97%; followed by Japan (90%) Hong Kong (86%), Kuwait (85%), Netherlands (84%), Singapore (83%), United States (81%), Uruguay (81%), Hungary (79%) and Taiwan (79%).

    The report further noted that US and Japan, who managed to build a vast 4G infrastructures, still lagged behind in speed compared to smaller countries.

    “Both Japan and the U.S. are in the top 10 when it comes to building out 4G coverage. However, due to lack of spectrum, lack of technological innovation or just ***** network oversubscription, they’ve failed to keep pace as other countries push mobile broadband speeds ever higher,” the report explained.

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  2. Thank for the information...
  3. Ambagal talaga umunlad ng Internet natin :(
  4. may sapat naman siguro na budget para jan para maayos at mapabilis ang takbo ng internet. baka naman pati jan napasok na rin ng kurapsyon sa budget.
  5. yung sinasabi mo na napasok na, siguro malamang nagawa na yan sir. hehe

    kainggit yung ibang bansa na may mataas na speed ng connection :(
  6. Thanks for sharing :)

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