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Help Pc autoshutdown

Discussion in 'Computer Repair Questions' started by jesse06, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. Mga sir/maam pahelp naman po hehe.. Triny ko na linisin ung ram po .. Tapos ung power supply po kakabili lang .. Pero nagaauto shutdown po sya .. Pahelp po.. TIA poo
  2. lorc4n

    lorc4n Addict Established

    punta ka sa CONTROL PANEL then makikita mo POWER OPTIONS...adjust mo para hindi mag auto shutdown...
  3. might be defective ram.. try mo Hiram for testing boss...
  4. Boss natry ko na po yan still ganun ee.

    okay sige boss try ko to..
  5. try mu ung heat sink mu kung mabilis uminit or nadikit ba talaga ung heatsink mu sa processor kc kapag nagoverheat ang processor mag autoshotdown tlaga yan
  6. Pano po kung d nakadikit ung heatsink sa cpu po?? May possiblities po bang dun ung problema ??
  7. Shaeroko1983

    Shaeroko1983 Addict Established

    Try mo paganahin pc mo na wala RAM mo.. Pag di nag shutdown. Ram mo okay..pero pag nag shutdown.. ram mo may problem...

    And by the way.. Linisin mo cpu fan mo baka dami alikabok Dina nag work fan mo patungo processor mo..
  8. Ung cpu fan ko kakalinis ko lang po .. Pero ung pag tanggal ng ram try ko po hehehe..

    Is it important po ba na dapat may thermal paste ung heatsink ko tyaka ung proccesor ? Hnde po ba nagcacause un ng pag shutdown ??
  9. Oo dapat may thermal paste
    Para lumamig yung proccesor
  10. Okay lang po ba kahit patungan ulet ng thermal paste un sir ? Okay lang kahit d na linisan ?
  11. celjem

    celjem Honorary Poster Established

    auto shutdown pa rin ba brad? heto try mo, alisin mo yung power switch dun sa board then try mo ipower using a screw driver by shorting the terminals, try lang sana makatulong
  12. Tanggalin mo yung lumang thermal
  13. Ano po ba pwedeng pantanggal sa thermal paste ??
  14. is a kc sa sanhi ng automatic shot down e h ang pag over heat ng processor kapag umabot na sa maximum heat e mag automatic linisin mu ung fan mu tataz check mu kung nakalapat ba ang heatsink mu then buksan mu PC mu kapag mabilis uminit di kaya ng fun mu
  15. Hinde na po kase nakadikit ung heatsink ko sa proccesor ee .. Dun po ba problema ?
  16. Scizcka

    Scizcka Honorary Poster Established

    I think you just figured out where the problem is. So in order for you to save your RIG for any destructive problems in the future, just provide yourself with a thermal paste and see the difference. It is a must when disconnecting CPU from the Heat Sink that you put a thermal paste on the upper part of the CPU once you assemble the most vital peripheral(s) and for connectivity purposes.

    On the other hand, (let's assume that the CPU has a thermal paste on it) let's review your RAM once and for all. Try to check the connection method, check if your RAM is connected properly. The notch are properly closed side-by-side.

    Hope this all works for your future endeavors. (y)
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  17. Punta ka boot menu tapos reset to default.. Try mo lang..
  18. d3c2000

    d3c2000 Eternal Poster Established

    Ts...just insert your windows installer then try to repair from it, if it doesn't repair try the restoration point.
    ganyan lang kadali...kung di parin kaya reformant na lang, let windows detect that theres a previous windows installed click next....once windows installation is finished check yoiur drive C: you will see Old. Windows there you can recover your data.
  19. Scizcka

    Scizcka Honorary Poster Established

    Kakapal na masyado and tedious na masyado ang process sir d3c2000, but on the other hand the TS can always work on your approach. Since, were offering him our knowledge regarding the problem.
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  20. ou kailangan nadikt un o nakalapat sa processor
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