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Visual Basic Payroll Management System Project in Vb

Discussion in 'Coding, Programming' started by Jeanh, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. Credit to: PGs

    Payroll Management System Project

    Managing employee’s information of a particular organization or for a small group is a tedious task. It has to store all the necessary records for each and every employee within the organization to assign correct task to correct person and right salary and perks to their eligible employees. Manual record keeping is a time taking process. As it causes delay in making query and generating the final results. Due to complex environment and working procedures, it is not possible to handle all the information with accuracy. This Payroll Management System Project will do all these jobs automatically and more accurately.

    Payroll Management System Project Idea
    The main aim behind developing this Payroll Management System Project is to maintain accuracy and reduce redundancy and timeliness. So that each and every record can be kept in manner way and can generate the report as per user entered query within limited time in exact way.
    Payroll Management System Project Statement
    Manual system not able to reduce redundancy and as a result increase in data duplication process and wastage of space and problem in finding reports and details on time. Each and every year due to recruitment process and assigning new tasks to group of people various information has to be maintained by the organization and for making this process successful, they have to maintain various type of information in different files which is access by different departments of the organizations.

    Payroll Management System Project Snapshots
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Payroll Management System Project Overview
    By using computer based Payroll Management System Project, it saves time, space and effort. Its user can simply click the button using menus for the following activities:

    • Adding Employee Information.
    • Deleting Employee Information.
    • Making query using SQL query language or by using search query options.
    • Generating reports.
    • As each table will be associated with other table, such users do not have to update information repeatedly.
    • Users can create table as per their requirement and size.

    If any organization keeps records of all the employees having various fields such as their name, ***, date of joining, salary, department, manager associated with it, type of work associated to a particular employee, then these all information can be stored in one place. Suppose managers want to make query that which employees are working under them and what type of work has been assigned to them. Making this query manually will be time taking but using computer management system, managers will able to generate reports for this query within few seconds. Admin or the person with authority to write and read and edit options will also able to create table as per their requirement using valid field and selecting correct data type.

    This Payroll Management System Project will provide facility to grant privileges and revoke it for a particular person. If any table value of particular field has been deleted then it will not be viewed in other tables and in other records, thus eliminating data redundancy process.

    Technologies Used
    • VB.Net as front end.
    • My SQL as back end.
    Software Requirements
    • Windows 8 Pro.
    • Visual studio 2010 Professional.
    • My SQL.
    Hardware Requirements

      • Processor – Pentium IV or higher version.
      • Ram – 50 MB.
      • Hard Disk – 100 MB.
      • Monitor.
      • Keyboard.
    Download Payroll Management System Project

    Payroll Management System Project Abstract Please or Register to view links
    Payroll Management System Project Code Please or Register to view links
    Payroll Management System Project PPT Please or Register to view links
    Download Database Please or Register to view links

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  2. boss pwede bang ma download ito.
    pa share para sa software engineering namin plss boss
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    thanks for sharing
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    Salamat po may ma pag.aaralan na naman ako.
  5. VB 2010? bato? or older version ng VB?
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    Good work sir. :emoji_slight_smile: Thanks for sharing. :emoji_smile: Keep it up. :emoji_thumbsup:
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