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Discussion in 'Smart, Talk 'N Text, & Sun' started by joseephftw, Sep 21, 2016.


Ano mas stable sa kanila?

  1. L4D

  2. Pingtool Pro-Anarchy

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. joseephftw

    joseephftw Enthusiast Established

    Ano ba magandang pingtool? L4D pingtool or Pingtools Pro-Anarchy? Tia. Nalilito ko e :(
  2. blade07

    blade07 Enthusiast Established

    Yung ping tools pro mas magandang gamitin iwas dc sa injector
  3. migx99

    migx99 Addict Established

    (y) Pingtools pro ni sir anarchy

    Pwede din pagsabayin yan.

    pero Hindi ko pa na try haha
    joseephftw likes this.
  4. L4d ping tools automatic naun
  5. joseephftw

    joseephftw Enthusiast Established

    Natry ko na yung l4d 4hrs connected but try ko tong pingtool pro madami kasing feature tong pingtool pro :)

    Seryoso sir pwede? Haha. Nalilito pa din ako kung ano mas ok sa dalawa
    jreypd23 likes this.
  6. migx99

    migx99 Addict Established

    Mahirap talaga mamili sa dalawa.


    joseephftw likes this.
  7. Dianahart

    Dianahart Journeyman Established

    Hahahahahaha! Hugot!:LOL:
    joseephftw and migx99 like this.
  8. same lang sakin ts...
  9. joseephftw

    joseephftw Enthusiast Established

    Mahirap talaga walang permanente dito sa mundo :(
    Dianahart likes this.
  10. hpaosv00

    hpaosv00 Forum Guru Established

    Pingtools ni Bossing Anarchy.. Ako na lang yung bumibitaw ehh..
    joseephftw likes this.
  11. andrespogi

    andrespogi Addict Established

    pingtools pro ung walang anarchy
  12. paturo po pano gamitin si L4D pingtool
  13. jreypd23

    jreypd23 Enthusiast Established

    anong lalagay kay ping tool? mga sir?

    pano ginawa mo sir? ss mo nga sir?
  14. joseephftw

    joseephftw Enthusiast Established

    Ano ba pingtool na gamit mo?
    jreypd23 likes this.
  15. jreypd23

    jreypd23 Enthusiast Established

    l4d ping tool bro at key ping tool
  16. joseephftw

    joseephftw Enthusiast Established

    Hanap kana lang dito sa forum kung anong ip address ipiping para kay l4d.
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