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TalknText Part 1 fast apn on spoiler!

Discussion in 'Smart, Talk 'N Text, & Sun' started by asananay, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. asananay

    asananay Eternal Poster Established


    Try to watch this video... Please or Register to view links

    Spoiler contents only visible to Established Member.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2016
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  2. pashare for pc sana,,
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  3. asananay

    asananay Eternal Poster Established

    Boss wala po ako pang pc...
  4. reigverg

    reigverg Enthusiast Established

    same here for pc sana :D
  5. Pa share boss or pm me po para iwas katay narin
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  6. snoopyhon14

    snoopyhon14 Addict Established

  7. divinetrackerz

    divinetrackerz Addict Established

    hahahahaha...idol ganda ng speed mo tapos yong speed na nasa taas ng cp sa pic mo 2kb/s...pakiliwanag nga...
  8. asananay

    asananay Eternal Poster Established

    Pm sent...

    Brad kakatapos lang po ng speed test (common sense)
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  9. divinetrackerz

    divinetrackerz Addict Established

    sana ma share mo idol...salamat in advance

    ok po...h pa pm naman idol para ma test natin
  10. Iniakie14

    Iniakie14 Enthusiast Established

  11. agent orange :woot:

    slapshock :sneaky:
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  12. Drose

    Drose Honorary Poster Established

    Pa pm naman ts
  13. Alecks

    Alecks Forum Veteran Established

    ayan naman ang mga pa like at mga pa pm kung maganda kalabasan ng gawa mo dudumugin ka ng like
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  14. divinetrackerz

    divinetrackerz Addict Established

    kaya nga..pa try idol...hehhehe
  15. asananay

    asananay Eternal Poster Established

    Pm sent
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  16. hase0278

    hase0278 Forum Veteran Established

    Pashare ts hehehe for pc sana.
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  17. Jouji

    Jouji Enthusiast Established

  18. junext5

    junext5 Journeyman Established

    pa sent moko idol
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