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Help opera on smart bro

Discussion in 'Smart, TNT & Sun Questions' started by prudence tomulto, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. want to know if i could load opera 15 promo in smart bro sim inserted in broad band stick
  2. welcome to phcorner .enjoy
  3. Welcome to PHCORNER
    hindi po kayo makaka reg kay OPERA 15 gamit ang sim na Smat bro
  4. ano pang ibang wya para makapag wifi ako with samsung tab 2 wifi only no sim slot p3110
    registering it to globe or smarts pocket wifi is out of the option
    do u have any oter ideas
    thank you
  5. Make your pc a wifi spot.:)
  6. I dont lug aound my pc when i leave the hse. Just the tab and cp. Cant use cp as hotspot using opera 15?.
  7. No you cant, how about your laptop sir?
  8. think u are missing te point. the point is mobility. my pc/laptop is connrcted to the dsl internet. i want to bring my pc my laptop my tablet lets say at the wet maret how doi connect to the net using my phone as hottspot. i cant use opera 15 of smart ive tried. what is the alternative. may i stress mobility. i have dsl at home
  9. what about my laptop? how is the laptop connected to the net? that is the reason for this thread how do i connect the laptop to the net using smart bro to opera 15 of smart. if not possible how/ SUBSCRIBING TO POCKET WIFI OF NEITHER GLOBE NOR SMART IS NOT AN OPTION SINCE ITS IMPRACTICAL HAVING WIFI DSL AT HOME. WHEN I GO OUT I WANT MY LAPTOP STILL CONNECTED TO THE NET. pardon my caps. cant be heard properly

  10. Use any phone supports wifi sharing, ex. CM Flare? Di ako sure nanakaw kasi CM Flare ko 2 days palang sakin, di masyado naexplore, pero I think supported ito
  11. using it with data plan? the perminute? so di pede unlisurf ng smart bro?
  12. ang wifi sharing un ung hotspot right?
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