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.ehi Open ssh account with my rank 3 rp for default: »»attachment already deleted««

Discussion started by xFaith25-PHC, May 15, 2017.

  1. xFaith25-PHC

    xFaith25-PHC Addict Established

    Screenshot_20170523-151424.jpg Screenshot_20170523-151459.jpg Screenshot_20170523-151505.jpg NOTE: Rank 3 Remote Proxy with Open SSH Account already deleted

    - Rank 2 Remote Proxy Japan Server Soon to Release!

    Required: Japan SSH Server para malakas ang hatak (pero pwede rin sa ibang server like SG, US, CAN etc.) if hindi kayo makapasok sa Japan registration.
    Difficulty: Hard (Mahirap makapasok sa registration sa Japan Server if hindi nyo talaga aabangan the time na mag Reset)
    - SSH Server ang Need, hindi ang VPN Server.
    - In Open SSH Account kindly input the Server Address not the Server iP Address.
    Last edited: May 23, 2017 at 3:19 PM
  2. Thanks! Globe default need load po?
  3. xFaith25-PHC

    xFaith25-PHC Addict Established

    - any promo or 1peso load plus globe switch
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  4. Ivoooo

    Ivoooo Journeyman Established

    sayang boss bawal sa rooted
  5. thanks po... long live phc
  6. loydford007

    loydford007 Addict Established

  7. SBKian20

    SBKian20 Eternal Poster Established

    Thanks For Sharing Sir.
  8. Tetrererere

    Tetrererere Enthusiast Established

    Ang kaso, mahirap gumawa ng SSH kung ganitong oras ka na magsisimula. Wala bang closed na paps?

    Thanks pala
  9. life time po ba yan?
  10. enamel

    enamel Addict Established

  11. Subrang lakas po...TY
  12. xFaith25-PHC

    xFaith25-PHC Addict Established

    - hindi muna ako mag release ng closed na, mahirap na baka pag initan ako. So far ito ang most requested na paraan ang Open SSH Account...
  13. dauntlesscjj

    dauntlesscjj Addict Established

  14. xFaith25-PHC

    xFaith25-PHC Addict Established

    - release ko soon ang MGC Config Open SSH Account din Lifetime
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  15. kengym16

    kengym16 Enthusiast Established

  16. NastaBaby

    NastaBaby Enthusiast Established

    Status 407 d ako maconnect ano po bang mali sir? sa ssh accnt po ba na gawa ko?
  17. xFaith25-PHC

    xFaith25-PHC Addict Established

    - assist mo muna sa globe switch Sir if naka Promo ka din lipat mo mga APN mo kung sakali meron kapa data allowable.
  18. 09394140816

    09394140816 Addict Established

  19. NastaBaby

    NastaBaby Enthusiast Established

    Khit ano po bang server ng ssh gagana? nka promo po ako sulitxt5+coc5

    Thanks po