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Online Love

Discussion in 'Love' started by airnel, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. :eek: A 16 year old girl loved using Facebook, she used it all day.
    She received a friend request from a handsome boy her age so she accepted.
    They began talking and messaged each other daily.
    They would talk for hours. After a while, he asked her for her mobile number, and they began texting each other.

    After a few weeks, the boy told her he was madly in love with her.
    The girl felt the exact same way and was overjoyed!
    She felt like finally she found her perfect man. So they decided to meet.
    They lived in different cities, but were going to meet each other halfway.
    The girl had butterflies in her stomach, she couldn't have been happier, and so was he too.
    He kept telling her how much he loved her.

    The girl got there just on time, but the boy wasn't there.
    She looked around but nothing.
    After half an hour, a man came up to her and asked her if she was okay.
    He pushed her into a quiet corner, and smiled.
    The girl began to get scared.

    Girl: Who are you?! Leave me alone!

    Boy: You came here to see me remember? I'm your boyfriend.

    Girl: What?! No. You're too old! You can't be!

    The man was fifty-five but used his younger sons photo's to lure her.
    He got hold of her and kept smiling.
    He took off her jacket forcefully.
    She screamed and cried out loud in fear.
    She knew what he was going to do and that's what scared her.
    She was wearing rings so she hit him in the face and he fell for a moment.
    Then she started running, but he was too fast and nearly got her.
    She found a corner to hide and called the police.
    The police came to her rescue and arrested him.
    He was a man who had raped many girls before by using a fake
    Facebook account. Luckily, the girl was saved before this happened to her.
    However, still she lost everything.
    The boy she thought she loved didn't exist and her world fell apart.

    MORAL: Be careful with who you make friends with over social networking sites.
    Just because someone shows you their pictures it doesn't always mean they are who you think they are.
    Always be cautious!:nailbiting:
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