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Trivia Old English Terms You Should Start Using Again

Discussion in 'Academic & Campus Talk' started by Yours, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. 24 Old English Terms You Should Start Using Again

    Language changes over time; words and phrases come and go. In many cases, there is a good reason for words leaving our vocabulary. I am certainly grateful that modern sewer systems mean there is no longer a need for the term Gardyloo – a warning call before chamber pots were poured out of windows onto the streets below.

    Other old English terms, however, still have perfectly valid meanings in our modern world and really need to be brought back, if only for the pleasure of saying them. Here are 24 words and slang terms from old and middle English (or thereabouts) that are fun to say, still useful, and should never have left us in the first place.

    1. Bedward
    Exactly as it sounds, bedward means heading for bed. Who doesn’t like heading bedward after a hard day?

    2. Billingsgate
    This one is a sneaky word; it sounds so very proper and yet it refers to abusive language and curse words.

    3. Brabble
    Do you ever brabble? To brabble is to argue loudly about matters of no importance.

    4. Crapulous
    A most appropriate sounding word for the condition of feeling ill as a result of too much eating/drinking.

    5. Elflock
    Such a sweet word to describe hair that is tangled, as if it has been matted by elves.

    6. Erstwhile
    This very British sounding word refers to things that are not current, that belong to a former time, rather like the word itself.

    7. Expergefactor
    Something that wakes you up is an expergefactor. For most of us it’s our alarm clocks, but it could be anything from a chirping bird to a noisy neighbor.

    8. Fudgel
    Fudgel is the act of giving the impression you are working, when really you are doing nothing.

    9. Groke
    This means to stare intently at someone who is eating, in the hope that they will give you some. Watch any dog for a demonstration.

    10. Grubble
    Grubble might sound like the name of a character from a fantasy novel but it does in fact mean to feel or grope around for something that you can’t see.

    11. Hugger-mugger
    What a fun way to describe secretive, or covert behavior.

    12. Hum durgeon
    An imaginary illness. Sounds more like an imaginary word. Have you ever suffered from hum durgeon?

    13. Jargogle
    This is a perfect word that should never have left our vocabulary, it means to confuse or jumble.

    14. Lanspresado
    It sounds like the name of a sparkling wine, but no, it means a person who arrives somewhere, having conveniently forgotten their wallet, or having some other complicated story to explain why they don’t have money with them.

    15. Mumpsimus
    Mumpsimums is an incorrect view on something that a person refuses to let go of.

    16. Quagswag
    To shake something backwards and forwards is to quagswag, who knew?

    17. Rawgabbit
    We all know a few rawgabbits. A rawgabbit is a person who likes to gossip confidentially about matters that they know nothing about.

    18. Snollygoster
    I think we can all agree this is a fantastic sounding word. It means a person who has intelligence but no principles; a dangerous combination. Watch out for the snollygosters, they live amongst us.

    19. Snottor
    This old english term has the unlikely meaning of “wise.” Really?

    20. Trumpery
    Things that look good but are basically worthless. I said THINGS, not people.

    21. Uhtceare
    This means lying awake worrying before dawn. We all do this, we just didn’t know there was a word for it. Say it now, like this: oot-key-are-a.

    22. Ultracrepidarian
    Similar to the rawgabbit, this person takes every opportunity to share their opinion about things they know nothing about. Social media is the perfect outlet for these people.

    23. Zwodder
    Being in a drowsy, fuzzy state, after a big night out perhaps?

    And finally, I broke the alphabetical listing to save my favorite till last…

    24. Cockalorum
    A small man with a big opinion of himself.

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  2. Yankee sama mo :LOL:
  3. ano yan?
  4. ang lalim ng salita .. (y)
  5. oo nga :)
  6. Thanks for sharing :)
  7. youre welcome:)
  8. Salamat dito TS.
  9. youre welcome :)
  10. jcerana

    jcerana Forum Veteran Established

    Wow.. Informative
  11. I'm jargogled at the words you mentioned, but thanks TS!
  12. sarap gamnitin nito...tapos mapapkamot sa ulo yung nakarinig.;)
  13. G Flum

    G Flum PHC Master Established

    Cockalorum :cool:
  15. Jpotian

    Jpotian Eternal Poster Established

    thanks po [/CLOLOR]
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