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Obsession In A Relationship

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Yours, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. 10 Steps To Overcoming Obsession In A Relationship

    Do you think you are obsessive about your relationship? Some people struggle to tell the difference between a healthy relationship and an obsessive one. Without realizing they obsess over their partner, they find themselves wanting to constantly be with them, always wanting to know where they are, and trying to control their behaviour.

    This behaviour is damaging to both partners and it often ruins relationships. If you want to overcome your relationship obsession and find genuine love, follow these 10 steps.

    1. Be aware of your obsession
    If you are reading this article, there is a good chance that you think you may be obsessive. Admit to yourself that you are becoming obsessive – once you know there is a problem, you can start to fix it.

    2. Realize the difference between genuine love and artificial love
    No partner can fix your flaws or remove the challenges from your life; only you can do that. Artificial love is loving the version of someone you have created in your mind. This is rarely rewarding as the person you love doesn’t actually exist. Real love is loving someone for who they truly are – flaws and all.

    3. Be aware that obsession can change the way you see things
    While you are obsessed with someone, you don’t see them for who they are. This applies to the relationship, too; maybe you think the relationship will last forever, but your partner may not feel the same way. In a healthy relationship, both partners are on the same page emotionally.

    4. Look at the relationship from the other person’s perspective
    What matters to your partner? They may have priorities and passions in their life that you don’t understand. Realize that your existence alone will not be anyone’s only priority, and to expect that is unrealistic. Instead, learn more about your partner’s passions and try to support them.

    5. Think about the dangers of obsession
    Obsession can seem romantic and loving, but be aware of the dangers of obsession. Often people with a relationship obsession struggle to grow as they are too focused on someone else, and they often become unhappy because they are so dependent on someone else. Realize that happiness and independence are interlinked.

    6. Try a relaxed approach
    Do you think you and your partner are well suited for each other? If so, realize that they are worth the wait. They may not be as emotionally involved as you are right now, but with time the relationship may grow – not everyone falls in love at the same pace.

    7. Choose to love yourself
    Often people who are obsessive in relationships struggle to love themselves, so they look for someone to love them because this is the only way they feel worthy. Start to love yourself by recognizing your talents and looking after your emotional needs.

    8. Tell the people you love that you are going through emotional changes
    It can be very difficult to acknowledge that you have an obsession. You can feel confused and unsure of who you really are, which can make you emotional or slightly clingy. Warn the people in your life that you are going through emotional changes so they can understand your situation and provide you with support.

    9. Spend time with your friends and family
    Instead of focusing on one person that you love, think about all of the people who love you. Your partner is not everything in your life, and spending time with your friends and family will help you to realize that you have other priorities beside your partner, helping you to regain your independence.

    10. Pursue activities that you love
    Do you have any passions or hobbies? Try to do something that interests you every day, from reading a chapter in a book to attending a yoga class. This will give you some time every day to enjoy your own wonderful company. Good luck!
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  2. jjarongay

    jjarongay Forum Veteran Established

    Thanks for sharing ts (y)
  3. youre welcome :)
  4. obsess ako haha at artificial love pala tawag dun xD
  5. Naku delikado yan haha
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  6. uu eh nagbreak na kami xD dibale natuto na ako..dapata ma kontento at di dapat obsessed :)
  7. Kadalasan sa mga bata pa nagiging obsess talaga :D
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  8. haha bata pa ba ako? 19 years old xD
  9. Oo naman. Puppy love pa yan haha
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  10. Thanks for sharing :)
  11. youre welcome :)
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