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Noob: So tell me something interesting about PHCorner? :)

Discussion in 'New Member' started by joyglyncel, Jun 4, 2015.

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  1. Share me your insights. Thank you. :) What sort of threads do we usually make here?
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  2. Orange_

    Orange_ Honorary Poster Established

    Welcome in PHC (y)
    Phc is anything that you can share not just about technology :joyful: or free internet is about anything that you can imagine :whistle:(panda flying while typing theedjansdkjnas dadasd) :panda:(y)
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  3. Good day!

    Welcome to PHC! :)

    For me, PHC may be considered as a baby forum site compared to others but through its uniqueness in terms of appearance, member's hospitality, transparency between admins and members (that may contribute to site's improvement), etc. ....I'll assure you that you'll definitely put this as one your bet. :)

    Thread(s) may vary from ones interest.
    I don't think it makes any sense of knowing what fills the 'new thread box/notification'. You may gain from reading or you yourself may put some life to the section of your interest by sharing. (Sharing is what really important but I believe we are somehow responsible into it. I mean, share something that you are atleast knowledgeable of, so you can answer feedbacks. Take good care of your threads. Don't create spam threads or alike - Well, that's something to do with ones netiquette.)

    Btw, please consider on reading the forum's rules as well. (y)
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  4. I just want to have new friends online especially on this site which I can ask, get help, and favor about free globe wimax mac address. By the why the modem that am using now is bm622 and I don't have stable mac, can you help me if it's okay?
  5. derx

    derx El Vampiro Staff Member Moderator

    Welcome to PHC!!! :cat:

    Don't forget to read the rules: Please or Register to view links :y:
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  6. copyMerk

    copyMerk Forum Veteran Established

    Anything that has meaning. And just like Sir Odlanyer22 said, don't create spam thread/s.
    Kahit trick kung paano makaiwas sa mga mangungutang pwede mo pong ishare. :D

    Welcome to PHC. :happy:
    Enjoy. (y)
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  8. La Freak

    La Freak Support Team Staff Member Support Team

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  9. Mister M

    Mister M PHC Master Established

    welcome to PHcorner
  10. Welcome to PHCorner (y)
  11. Mister M

    Mister M PHC Master Established

  12. welcome sa phc
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