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No sound tv

Discussion in 'Appliance Troubleshooting' started by jeff0928, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. Go to the audio section of your TV and check the joints of Audio IC using Magnifying glass if there is a ©râck on joints resolder it if the Audio IC is Heating too much its your turn to replace the Audio IC...Problem fixed.
  2. sir, not all audio problems of a CRT TV are related to the audio ic or the audio ic is the culprit. it could also be the LV Supply, the av signal, the speaker, etc... it will even come to a point that it is very hard to trace the problem..yun ang tinatawag nila na "bangungot". The solution you have posted is just one of them and it is not a guarantee that it will fix the problem right away because there are alot of sections on the circuit board of your tv to be considered.

    anyway thanks for sharing:happy:(y)
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  3. Yes sir tama po.. For got they must check muna ung speaker using tester. And other....hehe...
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  4. Xifu

    Xifu Honorary Poster Established

    Thanks for sharing might come handy.
  5. Hindi naman tgla ako magaling dyan sir, experience lng skin... computer tech kc ako, medyo may alam lng sa electronics.:)

    ngstop na ako sa pgkompone ng crt kapagod na kc mgtroubleshoot tsaka maglinis ng lumang tv lalo na pag yung alikabok parang bahay na ni spiderman.:LOL::ROFLMAO:
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  6. armiah13

    armiah13 Enthusiast Established

    Bka sira na speaker nyan sir.. Or tignan mo nlang sa audio circuit bka jan nag ka priblemA

  7. hindi po si TS ang may problema sir..ngbibigay xa ng solusyon,dnagdagan lng namin
  8. Pinaka una sa pag checheck ay icheck muna kung naka MUTE ang TV nyo or naka LOW volume BEFORE sa Speaker and Connection GOING to AUDIO IC.
  9. G Flum

    G Flum PHC Master Established

  10. How to test no sound
    Check first volume
    Then speaker
    Then audio vcc
    Then input and output of your audio if ic type
    If transistor type check those transistors on audio section
    This might be of help
  11. armiah13

    armiah13 Enthusiast Established

    Sir Ano pong sira kong may boses nman Ang tv piro walang vidio. Ano po kAdalasan sira nyAn?
  12. On our term we call it
    With power
    With sound
    No raster
    If this is the case
    First try to adjust the brightness and contrast before opening the TV set for trouble shooting if still no raster
    Then open the TV set look at the cathode ray tube if there's a red light on it's neck.
    Try to adjust the focus and contrast of your fbt if still persist.
    If none then check your flyback transformer section
    Resistor most likely fusible
    Capacitors leackage
    These are some possibilities
    Last resort cathode ray tube if there's no red light and with B+ from transformer then check your CRT.
    Another possibilities video section but minimal
    Hope this might be of help
  13. armiah13

    armiah13 Enthusiast Established

    Yes sir malaking tolong po to salamt po sa tolong po.....
  14. Your widely welcome
  15. armiah13

    armiah13 Enthusiast Established

    Ahm onga pala sir itong resistor at capasitor sa video circuit kopoto tignan?
  16. Stick first on flyback section check those fusible resistor and mostly electrolytic capacitors if the fbt has b+
    Check also output from horizontal section going to fbt.
  17. Mga Boss, panu po kaya ung sa tv namin, skyworth brand po. Galing sa ibang bansa. ATV/DTV lang sa choices po. Ikokonek sana namin sa cable, nakakasagap naman pero parang hindi un ung program ng cable po. Tas wala sound din. Thanks in advance po.
  18. bulaga16211

    bulaga16211 Grasshopper Established

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