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Newbie here but an elite supmod before

Discussion in 'New Member' started by virus03insect, Jul 1, 2014.

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  1. Good Day Comrades just wanna join in to a new forum corner. :)
    If i can help something thats nice but if i cant thats good :p
    i elite supmod before in a several forum but just gone tired and some forum just got caught by intelligence and some had closed, anyway just want to enjoy your forum :)

    and lastly hopefully i need help from mods here i just want to change my name to my real codie. i dont want to use my real name here. if someone could just help me please IM me ASAP. i want to get rid of my name here. :) thank you and gonna enjoy the comunity now
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  2. Welcome to PHCorner.NET Enjoy your Staying here :)
    You want to change your Codename Click here - Please or Register to view links
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  3. Ashtra Thank you that would be helpful
  4. No Problem (y)
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  5. Ashtra thank you there you go. just posted in :)
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  6. Welcome back to PHC. :D
  7. Yes haha thank you Mimert
  8. Enjoy lang po tayo ulit dito. :D
  9. Yes.
    Mag eenjoy talaga ako dito hehe namiss ko mga forum sites ee :)
  10. same here, tagal ko ding ninja mode, busy kasi sa real life calls, bakit ka nawala dito nun bro?
  11. bro.... kmusta?... regarding sa smart wimax outdoor koh... di na gumana nung last week.... panu ba toh bro?...
  12. bro... kmusta?... baka pde u ako help sa probs koh... ang smart wimax outdoor koh di na gumana last week lang... nag update ba ang smart?... need help bro... thanx...newbie po here.... help po sa wimax outdoor smart ko poh... ayaw na gumana... thanx po ng marami....
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 9, 2015
  13. ng update na ang smart wala na pong clone ang smart ngaun kana dimona magagamit yan pero qng my legit na ox230 jan sa area mo copy mo ang cert. at prvte key upload mo modem mo muling mabu2hay yan
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 9, 2015
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  14. ah ganun po bah... cge master thanx po ng marami.... may tutorial po ba rito kung panu?... hehehe... newbie lang po kac sa ganito....
  15. wala pong ng lalabas ng tutorial nyan kasi maliit na bgay lang po yan pag aralan mo po sir
  16. meron po dito master sa tabi namin 0x230... pasukin ko po ang admin?... cnxia po talaga... newbie kac eh... hehehe panu po gawin toh?... pde detailed master/....
  17. kahit pasukin mo yan. bihira lng lumabas ang pem at key kht makita mopa ang mcdonaldsox230 rush 1500 lang.connected with admin access. complete

    contact me 09473793083
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