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New Rule in PHC

Discussion in 'Gags & Jokes' started by ravage, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. ravage

    ravage Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Morons, Imbeciles and Idiots are not allowed in PHC.

    People who wishes to become a member of the PHC Community are required to take the I.Q. test first.

    If your I.Q. is 69 and below, do not bother to register. You will only have a hard time understanding our rules.

    If you are already a registered member but your I.Q. falls in range of morons, imbeciles and idiots then please leave immediately before you become nuisances to all other members.

    And if you suspect that the Administrator(s) and the Moderators of PHC are either morons, imbeciles or idiots, then you're probably right. Please leave immediately and never comeback. They will only make a monkey out of you.

    Edit: Bwahahahahahah! :vamp:
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2016
  2. :hilarious: grabe ahahahaha
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  3. sklice

    sklice Addict Established

    medyo nakakatakot :nailbiting:
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  4. boss rav kulang yung post mo :LOL: wala yung :vamp: sa dulo ng tawa :LOL:
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  5. La Freak

    La Freak Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    Gustong Gusto Kong Sabihin To Matagal Na :hilarious:
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  6. ravage

    ravage Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Sige lagyan natin.
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  7. kailan kaya to ma-implement? :hilarious:

    literal na vampire ahahahaha :hilarious:
  8. ravage

    ravage Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Palpak ang unang vampire ko... (n)
  9. khloe

    khloe Addict Established

    Er, so birds of the same morons, imbeciles and idiots flock together at phc, sir rav? :hilarious::ROFLMAO:
    ravage likes this.
  10. ravage

    ravage Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    :meh: khloe

    Wag nyo na i-like, this is only good for a few laughs.
    Ide-delete ko rin to maya-maya lang.
  11. nainis si boss rav :hilarious: ahahahaha
  12. Hahah :hilarious: kung nagkataon wala to sa gags and jokes alam na :LOL:
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  13. ravage

    ravage Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    weheheheh.... :playful:
  14. sklice

    sklice Addict Established

    umiskapo buhok ko sa bunbunan :LOL:
    iba talaga epekto ni boss rav :hilarious: :nailbiting:
    ravage likes this.
  15. Dapat pala bago mag sign up dito sa phc. Meron munang I.Q test :hilarious:
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  16. pasadong test is 70 I.Q :hilarious:
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  17. khloe

    khloe Addict Established

    Wag nyo na delete, sir rav. gets naman namin yung joke eh, kaya joke din yung reply ko, hence, the :ROFLMAO: and the :hilarious: end in my post
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  18. ravage

    ravage Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Sige-sige.... wag na nga lang i-delete.
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  19. nag pakipot ahahaha :LOL:

    "want to register at this site? please continue to our I.Q test exam, just couple of minutes and you're done :)" boss rav dapat may ganto eh :ROFLMAO:
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  20. cjmalskie

    cjmalskie Addict Established

    Ayos ang new rules ng PHC.. sino kaya unang ma sampolan nito...? Hehe
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