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New hot spot shield

Discussion in 'General Mobile Network Tutorials' started by system-error, Dec 11, 2014.

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  1. Credits to:
    abno555 & darkraven101, aldemon and Psiphon Team for providing the Remote Servers.
    bimbi, clief , tsinita & MrBean99 for Beta Testing
    Android Resource Management (ARM) Group of Symb**nize

    How to avail ELITE Subcription?
    Open Hotspot Shield VPN v0.5.34 and hit restore purchase.
    In the Redeem Code type "FREE" without double quote.
    An Error Will Prompt that says you can only use ELITE subscription once, just ignore it and let the game begins.

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    *What sim do i need in order to make it work?
    Any Smart sim.. For Smartbro, Sun and TnT you need to register first to FREE 9999.

    *Do I need to Subscribe in Any Promo?
    If you are using SMART SIM no need.. But i suggest to register first in FREE to 9999. Modified Hotspot Shield can bypass the 30mb limit.
    It may trigger the free browsing trick without using VPN.

    *Is this working with Globe Users?
    No.. If you are subscribed in Internet Promo like WATTPAD maybe it may work.

    *Can i use this without root?
    Yes. It also work with rooted devices.

    *Do i need load to use this?
    No, you can still use this without load.

    *Does it work with Android OS Gingerbread and Below?
    No. Try to use version 3.0.4g maybe it may work.

    *I can't connect to the server.. it keeps getting errors..
    Be sure you are not subscribe in POWERAPP PROMO such as FREE WIKI or FB2.
    POWERAPP IP'S such as 10.16x.x and 10.181.x.x does not work with my modified hotspot shield.
    Be sure you can get these ips (10.15x.x.x, 10.17.x.x, 10.51.x.x and 10.191.x.x) to make modified hotspot shield work.

    *Can i share my mobile internet while using Hotspot Shield to other devices.

    What's New? (v3.0.4g)
    ★ NEW! Smart mode automatically enables best protection, just leave it on.
    ★ NEW! Selected Sites mode protect/unblock sites & apps of your choice only.
    ★ Great, simple new look

    Bug(s) Encountered:
    -Sometimes stuckup on RECONNECTING.
    -Error 156.

    Sol.1: Turn Off your mobile data connection then turn it on again.
    Sol.2: Go to Settings>Application>Hotspot Shield VPN> Force Stop and relaunch Hotpost Shield.
    Sol.3: Reconnect your data connection.

    AP: http.globe.com.ph or internet
    Proxy add and Port: None (Leave it blank)

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