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New Feature - Enhanced Search and 3 New Searchable Content Types

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Draft, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Installed and Implemented New Enhance Search Built on top of Please or Register to view links to provide a higher performing and more flexible search system for PHCorner Forum.
    • #1 Advantage is you can now search even a single character (no character limit) :)
    • Remove the limit of having minimum 3 chars in MySQL's default search
    • Remove MySQL's Please or Register to view links
    • Searches will be more faster / efficient
    • Search quality will be much better

    • Elastic Search Setup is set to "Stemming analyzer"
    Stemming analyzer separates words based on spaces and some punctuation, but goes a step farther and reduces words to their root. This allows a search for "tests" to automatically match results for "test", "testing", "tested", and other similar words. As the algorithm to find the root of a word is language-dependent, this analyzer only works correctly with English keywords.

    3 New Searchable Content Types

    • Users
    Anyone can search for users (it allows you to find anything about the user... for example if you search for a domain, it will find a user associated with that domain in some way (email within that domain, signature has domain listed, home page listed, etc.) You can also search for things like Skype username and will show users listing it on their account.

    • Reports
    Moderators/Admins are able to search for reports (including comments).

    • Conversations
    Users are able to search their own conversations.
    • And much more :)
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  2. Very useful updates. specially for newbie like me. o_O

    Galing talaga ni Boss Draft. Idol. :love: hehe.
    Sunod sunod yung search features enhancement natin ngayon. yaman talaga ni boss. :greedy:
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  3. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Pag may new feature ba yaman na agad?
    Open source naman ang Elastic Search (free) eh, so kaylangan lang talaga tyaga magbasa panu eh setup ng tama :D
    Whole day ku kaya to pinag aralan :p
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  4. Ah.. nasa free category pala to. akala ko paid version. hehe! ang mamahal kasi ng resources ng xenforo. :cry:
  5. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

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  6. ah.. Ang genius talaga ni boss draft !
  7. haha mahirap talaga pag search boss pero ang galing mo hehe hindi ka manlang pinag pawisal idol
  8. richardrr

    richardrr Forum Expert Established

    our big boss is elegant.. (y)(y)
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  9. Stine

    Stine Eternal Poster Established

    nice bossing mayaman ka nga sa talino lalo na sa bulsa. . .peace
  10. ang galing mo talaga bossing (y)
    the best ka talaga ..
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