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Need Your Insights

Discussion in 'iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod' started by kizs1969, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Hey guys! Just want to ask if anyone here used/have an Please or Register to view links? im planning to upgrade my phone to a new one and saw an online store that sells iphone 6s for 29,999. Question is, is it a good buy or not? what is the price range of the phone nowadays?
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  2. No one responded yet, so here i am :D

    I don't own an iDevices :(

    Base on the link you provided the price is pretty Good for an iphone6s 29k, normal prices is 35-45k and there are a few good feedbacks in the link which is nice.

    If your are not yet satisfied read more reviews especially the pros and cons if you want.
    or check this link below
    >- Please or Register to view links

    Saw an article about 'why you should'nt buy an ip6s' :dead:
    i would not recommend reading that article,
    Sorry i know you will check that article and read all of them. :muted:
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  3. 1] If you are upgrading from an iDevice, I'm pretty sure you're familiar now with iTunes. I'm saying this 'coz iDevices always depending on iTunes when it comes to file (audio/video) transferring. That's the most annoying thing about iDevices not unless you're into jailbreaking of course!

    2] 30K for a 16gb size phone is not enough if you have a very large audio and video library. iPhone's (as of now) don't support external microsd cards.

    3] If you love Iphone or iDevices that much, then there is nothing else we can do about it. Go ahead and buy it.
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