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Native Tribes Around The World

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Yours, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. Native Tribes Around The World

    Tribes are distinct people, dependent on their land for their livelihood, who are largely self-sufficient, and not integrated into the national society. They are the people who followed ways of life for many generations. Would you believe that at this modern age there are still these awesome tribes that really exist? This is really amazing!

    Igorot is the ethnic group in the Philippines, who inhabit the mountains of Luzon. These highland peoples inhabit the six provinces of the Cordillera Administrative Region: Abra, Apayao, Benguet, Kalinga, Ifugao, Nueva Viszcaya, as well as Mountain Province and Baguio City.


    Kazakhs are the descendants of Turkic, Mongolic and Indo-Iranian native groups and Huns that populated the territory between Siberia and the Black Sea.


    Himba are a tribe of nomadic pastoralists who inhabit the Kaokoland area of Namibia. The Himba are actually descendants of a group of Herero herders who fled into the remote north-west. They are known as the most beautiful people of Africa.


    Huli or Haroli are the native people live in the Southern Highlands districts of Tari, Koroba, Margaraima and Komo, of Papua New Guinea.

    Situated in Papua New Guinea is a small and rural tribe called the Asaro Mudmen Tribe. Their living place is in the Daulo District of which the Capitol is Asaro.


    Kalam Papua New Guinea Simbai is the home of the Kalam tribe in the heart of the highlands of Madang.

    Goroka tribe lives in small highland villages in Papua New Guinea. Their make-up and decorations are used to impress the enemies.

    The Chukchi are the ancient Arctic people who live on the Chukchi peninsula, or Chukotka.


    Maori are the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand.


    Mustang is a tribe of Tibet and Kingdom of Lo. The former Kingdom of Lo is linked by religion, culture and history to Tibet, but is politically part of Nepal.


    The Gaucho is a nationalistic symbol in both Argentina and Uruguay. They are the nomadic and colorful horsemen and cowboys.

    They are the Mongolia’s reindeer people. They focus on long horseback journey.

    The Samburu are Nilotic people of North-Central Kenya.

    The Rabari, also called the Rewari or Desai, is the indigenous tribal caste of nomadic cattle and camel herders and shepherds that live throughout northwest India, primarily in the states of Gujarat, Punjab and Rajasthan.

    Ladakhi Tribe can be found in Ladakh (meaning ‘land of the passes’), which is a cold desert in the Northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

    Vanuatu Tribe can be found in the Republic of Vanuatu, and Oceanian island nation located in South Pacific Ocean.

    Tibetans are the ethnic groups in Tibet. The traditional, or mythological, explanation of the Tibetan people’s origin is that they are the descendants of the human Pha Trelgen Changchup Sempa and rock ogress Ma Drag Sinmo.

    Huaorani is the largest indigenous group in Ecuador. They are called the warriors of the Amazon.

    The Dha-Hanu valley of Ladakh is known to be the home of Drokpa tribe. The tribe is rumoured to be descendants from Alexander The Great’s army.

    Yali are major tribal group in Papua, Indonesia and live to the east of the Baliem Valley in the Papuan highlands.


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