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TalknText Nahack na psiphone remoded apk settings/server/internet fast connect

Discussion in 'Smart, Talk 'N Text, & Sun' started by Master-Tokushi, Sep 21, 2016.

  1. Front Query
    hanggang sa
    Back Query:GET Please or Register to view links HTTP/1.1 Host:global-4-lvs-hopper-7.opera-mini.net CONNECTION:keep-alive proxy-connection:keep-alive X-Online-Host:global-4-lvs-hopper-7.opera-mini.net


    Add port:1080

    Remove Port:[√]

    Proxy Type:Real Host

    Custom Header:X-FORWARDED-FOR:CONNECT[Host_Port][protocol][crlf]Host:global-4-lvs-hopper-7.opera-mini.net[crlf]CONNECTION:keep-alive[crlf][crlf]

    Proxy Server:global-4-lvs-hopper-7.opera-mini.net

    Username:pM NIYO AKO PM
    Password:pM NIYO AKO PM

    Real Proxy Type:Inject
  2. Firt Blood Bro. More Sharing po. :)
  3. katay na si global at cust 7. sure ka gagana yan settings mo?
  4. 33Brenx

    33Brenx Addict Established

    para san pa yung pm for password at username paps? gagana parin naman kahit wala diba
    anyway tnx sa share try ko ;)

    lahat ba ng Global paps nakatay? na test konga now yung limang global na alivenung isang araw pati c Cust dina makakonek langya naman:banghead:
  5. uu deads na. kaya pala tumagal ang katayan. nag farm pa ng 3divine si sven. haha. rampage tuloy
  6. 33Brenx

    33Brenx Addict Established

    super NGA-NGA na tayo nyan grrr
  7. katay na pala si custdemo, 1hour ago nagamit ko pa sya, tapos ngayon, di na makapasok.. ayun, katay na pala
  8. snoopyhon14

    snoopyhon14 Addict Established

    Tyaga lang sa pg hahanap, my mga working payload pa..
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