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Ms. universe pageant 2017 joke

Discussion started by rosellarjun, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. rosellarjun

    rosellarjun Journeyman Established

    Ms. Universe Pageant 2017
    Emcee: What is the essence of a woman?
    Ms. Venezuela: Porque me regla con todo pacasta mala importante birhen ca pa
    Ms. Puerto Rico: Perfecta figura mala importante malaque poque.
    Ms. Japan: suro dukota boto basta igo buho, saho saho. thank you.
    Ms. Peru: pwerte dakoa botoa may chanza basta bira bira ayuda.
    Ms. Philippines:
    Areva felepina buka kung my chanza imfortante ka kwarta.

    Credit kay Bae
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  2. SoftICE

    SoftICE PHC Contributor Established

    Hehehehe, hahaha dami kung tawa dito brother, nice one!
  3. todi

    todi Enthusiast Established

    kakatawa paps.
  4. rosellarjun

    rosellarjun Journeyman Established

  5. rosellarjun

    rosellarjun Journeyman Established

  6. rosellarjun

    rosellarjun Journeyman Established

    Pa credit kay bae
  7. buntog

    buntog Enthusiast Established

  8. Black_suede2

    Black_suede2 Addict Established

  9. anthrax3000

    anthrax3000 Addict Established

  10. tepx

    tepx Journeyman Established

  11. ang galing nito sobrang bilis! last mo nba yan?
  12. flybackhearts

    flybackhearts Addict Established