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Most Effective Ways To Ask Her Out

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by PurpleFox, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. Emphasise Your Similarities
    A 2008 Please or Register to view links published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology found individuals desired a partner who resembled them in terms of personality. Sure, opposites attract. But so do like-minded people.

    "My crush in high school and I had started a list of similarities between us because it was almost freaky how alike we were," writes Reddit user Please or Register to view links. "We got to 49, and it kind of dropped off for a bit.

    Then, one day after I led the marching band in a parade and we were climbing back on the bus, a friend told me to get off. Curious, I did, and there was my guy standing there, out of breath (he couldn't find parking because of the parade, then finally did and ran along the whole thing looking for us). He was holding a hot chocolate, which was a thing of ours, and on the top of the lid was written, '#50: We're dating?'

    We kissed, and I said yes. Got back on the bus with a chorus of 'Awwws'. Absolutely adorable."

    Maybe that's all a bit high school, but there's a lesson: a bit of grandstanding cheese now and again doesn't hurt.

    Tell Her You're Taking Her To Lunch
    Ever heard of the paradox of choice? It's the idea that you think having more options is better, while studies show that the more options we have, the harder it is to make a choice and the less satisfied we are when we finally do. Well, the same logic applies when you're asking a woman out.

    Instead of giving her a bunch of options, or asking her if she's interested, just tell her you're taking her out. It'll show her you can be dominant and don't mind taking charge. "One day, I walk into the cafeteria during the break in between classes," writes Reddit user Please or Register to view links. "I walk to the table where all my friends are, and one of the guys stands up and says, 'Come on, I'm taking you to lunch.'" A year later they got engaged.

    Just don't go overboard by ordering for her, too.

    Make The Extra Effort
    In Please or Register to view links study of college students, 93% of women said they preferred to be asked out, while 83% of men preferred to do the asking. This is the way of our social wiring: we seem to like the chase as it is.

    So make the extra effort and get to it.

    "I was waiting for the [tube] and a guy had been making eyes at me while we were both waiting at different parts of the crowded platform. Because of the crowds, we both got shoved into different train cars," writes Please or Register to view links. "He opened that 'Do Not Open' door that separates the train cars to cross through to my train car just to ask me out.Totally stupid thing to do, but still a Please or Register to view links."

    Rig A Game
    My current boyfriend had taken me on a lovely night hike. After that, he broke out the card game Munchkin that he had brought with him. We proceeded to play Munchkin in the middle of a deserted cul-de-sac (we were 17). He rigged the game so I would draw a homemade card of his. He had taped over one of the cards and wrote, "Curse! Ball and Chain. Whoever plays this card is level 10 and wins, but they have to date [boyfriend's name]." It's funny because he knew exactly when I was going to draw the card, but I held it in my hand for a couple of turns before I finally played it. He totally thought I was Please or Register to view links, but, really, I'm just tricksy like that.

    This post is made exponentially better if the reader has played Munchkin. I still carry the card around with me in my wallet, and we've been dating for almost four years. Yay for cheesy stories and nerdy card/board games!
    - Please or Register to view links

    Give Her A Mission
    Mission Impossible-style.

    A guy who knew my cousin asked me out to get ice cream. I said I would meet him there. When I got there, a little kid walked in and handed me a tape player with three balloons. Red, yellow and green. When I played the tape, it said something like, "Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to accept my invitation to a day of...," on and on about going mini-golfing and having lunch. The final instructions were to walk outside and release one balloon. Red for no, yellow for maybe, green for yes.

    I released the green balloon. He was on a hill a ways away with some binoculars. When he saw the balloon, the same little kid came back and handed me the address of the mini-golf place.

    Fun date.

    Be Specific
    No, "Wanna hang out sometime?" will not make a woman's ******* drop.

    Showing her you've put some thought into your ask is essential -- too many women sigh knowingly when yet another guy asks them to "come over for a môviê". On the other hand, when you've made a real effort to suggest something it shows foresight and effort -- the latter of which, if you'll remember, gives you major points.

    "For God's sake have somewhere in mind when you do it," writes Please or Register to view links
    Ever been to a themed bar with say, magicians or table tennis? Ping pong dates FTW.

    Pay Attention
    Women want you to notice them for something unique -- the age old compliments about her looks just won't do. Be thoughtful.

    Why? Please or Register to view links, or the state of being attentive, thoughtful and having a desire to follow-through or do a task well, is predictive of a number of positive elements in life, including having a Please or Register to view links. The guy below has got that down.

    "In high school, there was a dance. This was my very first high school dance. The boy I had a crush on decided to ask me with a bouquet of vegetables because he thought it was cool I was a vegetarian. I thought it was absolutely adorable," writes Please or Register to view links.

    Introduce Yourself
    Like you've been told a hundred times, Please or Register to view links.Why? For one, confident folk are natural salespeople. Research shows that confidence makes us seem more trustworthy — and since dating is essentially a game of salesmanship (at least at first), confidence makes people accept your pitch. It worked for this guy.

    "I had just come out of a lecture with a bunch of friends and we were standing around talking, probably trying to figure out what we were going to do later that night. I notice this guy standing outside my lecture hall, looking at me. I had seen him around but never really paid any attention to him," writes Please or Register to view links.

    "We make eye contact for a split second, I probably furrow my brow a bit, he purses his lips a little in thought. A minute later, he comes up to me (still standing in with a group of maybe 5-6 girls) and says 'Hi, I'm Steven.' He's pretty average looking, wouldn't stand out in a crowd. I introduce myself back, 'Hi, I'm Alicia.' Without missing a beat he says, 'I've seen you around and promised myself that if you ever acknowledged me I'd talk to you. I think you're cute and would love to hang out.'"

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