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Java App Modding Tools for Mobile(class editor for java enabled handsets)

Discussion in 'Mobile Modding Tools' started by Prince2013, Jun 23, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Class Editor for java enabled mobile phones.
    Here's one of the tools im using to modify application straight from my phone.

    • View/Edit different file types.
    • Show equivalent of a string in HEX, DEC, Text and in symbol.
    • Add Byte/Delete Byte function - made for those application with midlet size limitations.
    • Search and position jumping
    • and Dissasembler
    • Translate
    This application can be installed to any mobile phones that can handle Java MIDP2.0(s60v2,s60v3,mid to high-end s40 device,SE,WM device w/ JBlend, etc.) For now I won't go in details on how to use this mobile application. Just some navigation tip and installation procedure:

    How to install:
    • But of course you'll need the file. See attachment below.
    • I did tell you you can install on any Java MIDP2.0 phone, and yes you could. BUT the signed version is only available for s60v2 and Sony Ericson phone for the meantime.
    • Why would you want a signed version you ask? Because it removes the annoying restrictions such as the already famous read/write persimmision. Because it will access the file system you'll get this prompt when you use the unsigned version but that doesn't mean you cant edit some .class files.
    • If you're using s60v2 or SE, download files labeled sprecifically for your fone below. Extract certificate.rar transfer/install it to you phone. Then when you have both the .jad and .jar file stored in your phone,install using the .jad. It will ask what access point you want to connect into. Choose a working access point or a working proxy. That's a different topic so don't ask me but I'll be grateful if you provide some(working IP an port) and share it with our fellow forumers.
    • And next? you're done!
    • For other users and for those having problem getting it signed just install the .jar and you're good to go.
    A little Navigation Tips:
    When you start the apllication you'll have to choose which drive to open, and then go to where the file you want to edit is located.
    Press 5 or center navigation key to confirm.
    Inside the file, be cautious on what you'll edit, I suggest you use the search funtion.
    You can access other options/functions by pressing 5 or confirm key again once inside the file/editor.
    Search and edit.
    Left select key to save/save as and some other useful things inside options. Such as change HEX Value of color palletes, change font size and style and Relocation and Translation. You can even translate russian text or characters without going online(translate applications from russian mod team), ung isa kailangan pa mag connect sa web to be able to translate. Fellow modders you know what I mean.
    And now time for me to go.

    Credits: Please or Register to view links

    Link: Please or Register to view links

    Credits: Thormentor "sym_bia_nize"

    Feedback would be appreciated

    Hit THANKS! would be very much appreciated
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  2. sana eh nattached mo nalang yung apps.
  3. nagloloko kse pag-iniattach ko ayaw, bagal net hehe :)

  4. email mo nlng sa akin tol., gomezjohny806@yahoo.com. thanks
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