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Minecraft PE v0.15.1

Discussion in 'Android Games' started by FrancisAdrian, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. Hi mga ka-PHC! Hindi ko lang po alam kung may nag-post na nito pero I want to share this to everyone.

    Nag-umpisa na po sila ng beta testing sa Minecraft PE. (y)

    Sa mga hindi bumili ng Minecraft PE sa Play Store pero gusto paring masubukan ang beta para sa 0.15.0, try to download b1 here:
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    Ipopost ko lang uli yung ibang links para sa mga susunod na builds o kayo lang ang bahala magreply at maglagay ng link dito sa thread ng mga susunod na builds pag may nakita na kayo. :)
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  2. Minecraft PE v0.15.0 alpha build 1:

    New Features
    • Pistons and Sticky Piston
    • Added Observer blocks (new block that can detect change in neighboring block)
    • Leads, Horses and dyeable horse armor!
    • Fire Charges
    • Pig riding!
    • A whole new UI for the main menu, shared with the Windows 10 Edition Beta
    • You can now tip arrows using a Cauldron and Potion!
    • Husk zombies in the desert
    • Stray skeletons in tundras
    • Different village: in Taigas and Savannah
    • Skeleton Horse traps!
    • Online play uses less bandwidth now
    • Note Blocks are a lot louder now
    • Walking far from spawn generate a lot less jittering now
    • Added more Mob Eggs to the Creative Menu
    Bug fixes
    • Fixed a lot of crashes
    • Fixed a couple of bugs causing data to be lost or world corruption
    • Added a whole bunch of Redstone fixes from the community feedback
    • Lots of multiplayer desynchronization fixes
    • Fixed Nether Wart looking different when planted
    • Less flickering of the block election highlight
    • Glass doesn't become green anymore
    • Fixed chests generation in Dungeons and Desert Temple
    Source: Please or Register to view links
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  3. Wala pa po
  4. Minecraft - Pocket Edition v0.15.0 alpha build 3 is now released!
    Download it here: Please or Register to view links
  5. Thank you dito boss
  6. Salamat poh
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  7. Your welcome BabyAnne and bcadz1 (y)

    Sorry guys kung ngayon lang ako online ulit. By the way, eto pala free download link para sa 0.15.1 alpha build 1:
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  8. roby_ikatlo

    roby_ikatlo Enthusiast Established

    Ty po dito

    Salamat dito ts
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  9. You're welcome! (y)

    By the way, try this link to download Minecraft PE (not tested):
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    Last edited: Jun 27, 2016

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