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Help mga sir p help po kng pano i open line ang samsung galaxy s4 i9505 lollipop

Discussion in 'Android Unlocking & Rooting' started by renmark02, Dec 8, 2015.

  1. renmark02

    renmark02 Addict Established

    mga sir p help po kng pano i open line ang samsung galaxy s4 i9505 lollipop
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  2. jrklab

    jrklab Addict Established

    gamit ka ng regionlock away na app..pero dapat rooted s4 mo..
  3. derx

    derx El Vampiro Staff Member Moderator

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  4. renmark02

    renmark02 Addict Established

    working po ba yon sir?
  5. jrklab

    jrklab Addict Established

    sa akin working naman..there's no harm in trying..
  6. renmark02

    renmark02 Addict Established

    same b tau ng device?
  7. derx

    derx El Vampiro Staff Member Moderator

    Do at your own risk lagi kapag ganyan.
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  8. jrklab

    jrklab Addict Established

    i9505 ang akin galing saudi..last year ko pa na openline gamit yung app
  9. utangero

    utangero Enthusiast Established

    dial *#*#3646633#*#* kung pumasok ka sa engeneering mode hanapin mo yung simme lock unlock permanent mo lahat

    kung ayaw sayo ng code try this 2nd method

    • Dial *#0011# on your Galaxy S4 in Phone app to launch Service Mode. Please or Register to view links
    • When the Service menu is launched, tap on Menu (left soft key) and select Back from the list of options shown. Please or Register to view links
    • Tap on the Menu key again and select Key Input from the options. This will show you a pop up box. Tap on it, enter 1 & press OK.
    • Tap on the Menu button yet again and select Back. This should take you back to the Main Menu of Service Mode.
    • Once in MAIN MENU, tap on the first option: [1] UMTS.[​IMG]
    • When you get into the UMTS MAIN MENU, tap on: [1] Debug Screen.
    • On the next screen select the 6th option: [6] Phone Control.
    • Once in Phone Control menu, select: [6] Network Lock.
    • Next, tap on: [3] PERSO SHA256 OFF.
    • From here, go back to the UMTS MAIN MENU by tapping on Menu (left soft key on SGS4) and selecting Back from the options.
    • Once you are in the UMTS menu, tap on: [6]COMMON.
    • There, select: [6]NV REBUILD.
    • Now in the NV Rebuild menu, tap on: [4] Restore Back-up.[​IMG]
    • Samsung Galaxy S4 will now go into a temporary freezing state. After a while you’ll see some activities. The screen will be black and the LED will turn Blue. The Menu and Back key button on phone will also light.
    • Lastly, your Samsung Galaxy S4 will reboot automatically and will take a minute or two in booting up.
    Congratulations! Your Galaxy S4 GT-i9500 and GT i9505 is now SIM-unlocked. No more carrier bondage! Try a SIM card from another carrier to confirm the process and do not forget to send us a Thank You note!

    Read more: Please or Register to view links
  10. renmark02

    renmark02 Addict Established

    na try ko na po yan boss kaso not working pa din ei hindi makapasok sa service mode
  11. utangero

    utangero Enthusiast Established

    yung engeneering mode po natry nyo na po?
  12. renmark02

    renmark02 Addict Established

    not working yung engeering mode ko sir .. pag binubuksan ko nag hahang tapos nag cclose

  13. try this steps:

    To find your SIM UNLOCK CODE you need:

    1) Root
    2) Please or Register to view links (free from the market)
    3) Your IMEI number (dial *#06# on your dialler)

    There are 4 steps to the process:

    1) Obtain your UN_lock_code from your phone
    2) Calculate the key from your IMEI number
    3) Subtract (2) from (1)
    4) Unlock your phone

    Step 1

    Obtain your UN_lock_code from your phone as follows:

    Open the Terminal Emulator app and type:

    su [enter]
    strings -n 8 /dev/block/mmcblk0p6 [enter]

    It will output several lines of data (including your IMEI number)
    One of the lines will be [eg] UN_Lock_code=063312345

    Make a note of this number (This is NOT your SIM unlock code)!

    Step 2

    Make a key from your IMEI number:

    a) Write down the last 7 digits of your IMEI number in this format: 1234 567

    b) Reverse the 2 blocks: 567 1234

    c) Add a 4th digit X: 567 X 1234 where:

    X = the sum of the first 3 digits (If the sum is 2 digits, write only the 2nd digit)

    [5 + 6 + 7 = 18 in the example above so X = 8]

    [if the sum is 3, X = 3]
    [if the sum is 17, X = 7]
    [if the sum is 25, X = 5] etc.

    Using the above IMEI number we get:

    567 8 1234 (= the key)

    Step 3

    Perform a simple sum.

    UN_Lock_code [step 1] – key [step 2] = SIM UNLOCK CODE

    e.g. 063312345 - 56781234 = 6 531 111

    This needs to be an 8-digit number, so add a zero at the beginning if necessary

    YOUR SIM UNLOCK CODE IS: 0653 1111

    Step 4

    Unlock your phone

    a) Remove your SIM card (no need to turn off the phone)
    b) Insert alternate SIM card
    c) When prompted, enter SIM UNLOCK CODE obtained from step 3
    d) Reboot when instructed
  14. renmark02

    renmark02 Addict Established

    bakit ganun sir :( n try ko nadin yan huhu not working padin umpisa palang
  15. rooted naba phone mu?

    or kelangan mu muna i-downgrade android version mu sa 4.1.1
  16. renmark02

    renmark02 Addict Established

    yes sir .. rooted po nag palit na ko ng custom rom .. hindd padin ma open line .. nag try din ako na mag down grade .. kaso hindi na ko makapag flash ng iba pang firmware hindi ko na din mabalik yung orig firmware
  17. utangero

    utangero Enthusiast Established

    need mo ata magdowngrade muna sir para maaccess mo lahat ng tut
  18. renmark02

    renmark02 Addict Established

    wala ei tested ko na din mag downgrade .. hindi ko na nga din maibalik sa orig firmware ei ..
  19. utangero

    utangero Enthusiast Established

    eto last option mo sir flash ka ng modem nya at try mo ulit yung mga method Please or Register to view links
  20. renmark02

    renmark02 Addict Established

    salamat boss try ko nalang gawin
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