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Visual Basic Mga halimaw s vb help

Discussion in 'Coding, Programming' started by menbert21, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. Mga boss. Pa help.nmn.regarding s loading bar
    1st form loading bar(1 progress bar with 1 timer)
    2nd form login user and passI
    3rd form choices (option button 2 choices exam & branch)
    4th form exam
    5th form list of branch
    Kapag ni run ko po ung program.. lalabas ung LOADING BAR(form1) with msgbox okonly, pag OK ko direct siya s login form(form2) now pag input ko ng user and pass. Papasok c choices form(form3)
    May 2 choices EXAM and BRANCH. Kapag pinili ko ung EXAM lalabas ule ung LOADINGBAR(form1) but after ng loading bar. direct n siya s (EXAM form5)
    Ganon dn. S BRANCH. kpag siya nmn pinili ko. Lalabas loading bar and mag direct siya (BRANCH form4) . And bawat form may LOG OUT COMMAND AKO. kpag nag log out ka. Lalabas dpat c loading bar ulet. But direct nmn siya s LOGIN FORM(form2)

    So ang problem. Ko po. Pano ko direct c loading bar kpag pinili ko c BRANCH or EXAM. NA mag direct dpat s form4 or Form5.
    Ung code ko po ksi s timer ng loading bar direct s login form(form2)
    Unload me

    Note po. Hanggang 5 form lng dpat.
    Sna may mkatulong skin
  2. jumel24

    jumel24 Addict Established

    So ganto yan sa form mo ng loading bar gawa ka ng variable mo na integer siguro public dapat siya then example sa login lagay ka ng codes na to frmLoad.varHandle = 0
    Bago mo tawagin ung form ng loading mo, ung varHandle siya ung variable sa loading form mo I declare mo siya ng ganto public int varHandle = 0 then sa loading form ulit gawa ka ng if else tulad nito. "If varHandle == 0 then frmloading.show
    Else if bla bla bla intindihin mo na lang :D
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    frmloading.JPG form1.JPG

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  4. Box pano

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