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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jeanh, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. MEN:

    Before you go enjoying the fruits of love with any lady, think of these types of ladies, especially if you are a wealthy man.
    There are ladies who have made it into full time business of getting kid(s) from men purely for money. To them children are forms of investment. They will TRAP a man with pregnancy, and then after that child comes they don’t want to get married. They will use all children’s court and women empowerment forums to frame that you are an irresponsible dad and thus you should cater for that child under her fixed terms and conditions.
    Worse, some ladies even manage to convince several men that the child is “his” (His in Capital!!) and these men conveniently continue catering for that child, without knowing some other “dads” exist too!!
    They also when they get in a relationship with a man use the child as a leverage for measuring the man’s love e.g. take my kid to boarding school and I will know you love me, buy my kid this, that, etc etc etc.
    In short, a child to them has a high price tag!!
    These ladies get rich, get properties, etc. all after “trapping” gullible men into their love net. These ladies trap men like spiders trap houseflies; they have a good social net of lawyers, sympathizers, doctors, etc.
    Men beware of such. And am sure many women will deny of such type of ladies exist.
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    Thanks for sharing this :)
  3. welcome mga bossing [​IMG]
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    Thanks for sharing boss
  5. welcome mga bossing [​IMG]
  6. Thanks for sharing :)
  7. welcome mga bossing [​IMG]
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