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Food and Recipe Meals Which Are Definitely Salads

Discussion in 'Lifestyle & Healthy Living' started by Yours, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Meals Which Are Definitely Salads

    1. Carrot cake

    It is basically just carrots and walnuts, hence, it’s a salad.

    2. Bloody Mary

    It is actually all vegetables. Tomato, celery, (fermented) potatoes. Plus it has a pepper and lime dressing. Definitely a salad.

    3. Pizza

    If you get a topping with vegetables, its basically just a salad on a huge crouton. Win.

    4. Banana Split

    There are two different types of fruit in this! This is essentially a fruit salad, but one that you want to eat. Bonus tip: Use strawberry syrup instead of chocolate for even more #health.

    5. Punch

    Alcoholic fruity punch is the badass cousin of the fruit salad, the one you want to hang out with the weekend and smoke cïgârêttês with when your parents aren’t looking.

    6. Spaghetti Bolognese

    Tomato salad, topped with fresh basil. Healthy. Salad.

    7. Nachos

    A ton of vegetables on a bed of corn. Corn is also a vegetable. It’s a salad.

    8. Potato Wedges

    It’a a potato salad. But it’s probably healthier than your typical potato salad, because there’s no mayo. Goals.

    9. Antipasto plate
    Elena_danileiko / Getty Images
    Oh my god there are literally so many vegetables and fruit on that plate I can’t even handle how much of a salad this is.

    10. Eggs Benedict

    This is the best looking avocado and spinach salad ever made. 100% salad.

    11. Garlic Bread

    Garlic is a vegetable, and probably so is that green stuff on top. Fo’ sho’ a salad.

    12. Pancakes

    Damn, what a good looking fruit salad. You can definitely skip the gym if you have this for breakfast.

    13. Potato Skins

    Oh man this is the most salad-ey photo I’ve ever seen. This dish is like 90% potato. Certainly a salad.

    14. Banana Bread

    The salad is strong in this one. Bananas and walnuts, the healthiest combo. Definitely a salad.

    15. Sweet Potato Fries

    This is literally a bowl of lightly fried salad, covered in herbs. Yaasss.

    16. Gnocchi Mac and Cheese

    17. Cheeseburger

    Look at all those fresh veggies. Plus, you get the added benefit of ~protein~ and ~dairy~. This is such a salad.

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