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Android App Mate 8's One-hand operation and pocket magic that you do not know

Discussion in 'Android Phones' started by htfan, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. I no longer lonely in the future valentine's day as I fell in love with Mate 8. (Sounds so sad)

    The feature of Mate 8 is like endless, the more time I spent with Mate 8, the more features I discovered.

    1. One-hand UI

    One-Hand UI enable us to operate the Mate 8 easily by using only one hand.

    Open [Settings], tap [Smart assistance] > [One-hand UI] > [One-hand layout], activate small screen mode for easy one-handed operation of large-screen phone.

    2. Suspend button

    Suspend button can consider as a shortcut and it is suitable for one-handed operation. If the suspend button is activated, a circle will appear on the home screens. When you tap on suspend button, you can return to home screen, clean the memory with one tap, and other operations.

    In Settings, tap [Smart assistance] > [Suspend button], activate Suspend button.

    3. Pocket Mode

    Try the pocket mode if you always miss out many calls just because the phone is in your pocket or bag. Pocket mode enable the volume of the ringtone and the strength of the vibration increase gradually when there is an incoming call.

    Open [Dialer], under [Dialer], [Menu icon] > [Settings], activate [Pocket mode].

    * Please deactivate the pocket mode when you having a meeting! xD

    4. Touch-disable mode

    When the phone is put in the pocket or bag, calls can be misdial or data will be highly consumed due to inadvertently pressing or sliding. However, Touch-disable mode will free you from such worries.
    Open [Settings], tap [Smart assistance], activate [Touch-disable mode]. When the screen top is covered, screen swiping operation is disabled when the screen is lit up. When the screen top coverage is removed, screen operation will be back to normal.

    Don't be surprise, there are more features is going to share!
  2. iForgotten

    iForgotten Enthusiast Established

    Wow! Salamat as share! (Grabe walang pumansin as post mo!) Hmmmm 4G po ba yang phone na yan?
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