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Discussion in 'Traditions & Beliefs' started by creedito, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. creedito

    creedito Forum Guru Established

    root word: tanggal meaning "to remove"

    monster that sucks the viscera out of your body

    The manananggal of the Philippines is known for having large wings and for being able to detach ("remove") the upper half of its body, from the waist up.

    Leaving the lower half of its body behind, it flies around looking for victims, especially pregnant women. It lands on a house and makes a small hole on the roof through which it slips through its long, threadlike tongue. Once it reaches a warm body, it sucks out the heart, lungs, liver and intestines. In the case of a pregnant woman, the baby is targeted.

    If you ever want to kill a manananggal, wait till the upper half of the body flies away, then pour salt into the lower torso that was left behind.​
  2. copro14

    copro14 Enthusiast Established

    In some stories the so called "manananggal" putting oil to their body before there half body was remove.
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