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Makulit na bata

Discussion in 'Gags & Jokes' started by ellgrey16, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. Sa classroom. . .

    Teacher: class, recitation tayo ngayon. Kailangan ma-spell nyo yung english word na sasabihin ko.

    Pupils: "yes ma'm!!"

    Teacher: okay Pedro, spell BOY..

    Pedro: "b-o-y" mam..

    Teacher: okay, very good..

    Buknoy : "mam!, mam!, ako naman..

    Teacher: Juan, spell CAT..

    Juan: "c-a-t" mam..

    Teacher: very good.. okay who's next?

    Buknoy: "maaaaaaaaaam!!!!!,
    maaaaaaaaaaaaam!!! ako naman!!!

    Teacher: Maria, spell DOG..

    Maria: "d-o-g" mam..

    Teacher" very good.. anyone??

    Buknoy: "maaaaaaaaaam!!!!!, maaaaaaaaaaaaam!!! ako naman!!! mam!!!!!!!!!!

    Teacher; okay Buknoy, dahil makulit ka.. spell "czechoslovakia"

    Buknoy: "nganga"
  2. Fajart

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  3. Just1c3

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    Hahahahhaha lol
  4. Lynxi

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