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Making a wifi booster with a can beer

Discussion in 'Computer Repair Questions' started by imbz, Aug 15, 2014.


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  1. Step 1. Finding an empty 500 ml beer/soda can and a knife for cutting. You would need a pair of scissors. It must be strong enough to cut through the can. Besides these materials and tools, a small piece of poster tack or similar adhesive is needed.

    Step 2. Take the ring-pull off the can.

    Step 3. Cut the end off the beer can where there’s no opening. Do this using the Stanley knife or similar suitable safety knife.


    Step 4. Cut around the end with the opening almost all the way. Leave a little bit of metal to keep attached the part that will be the base (see the white line in the illustration).


    Step 5. Cut along the middle of the can in a straight line, opposite to the piece of metal attaching the base.

    Step 6. Being careful, open up the middle piece of metal by bending it until it vaguely resembles the shape of a radar dish.


    Step 7. Place the completed WiFi booster on your router. Place it so that the antenna pokes through the opening, and stick the base of the can to the router with a small piece of poster tack or other suitable adhesive. It’s time to test how much your WiFi is now boosted!
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  2. very informative boss imbz,,testing ko nga ito pagnakaroon ako ng empty Can
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  3. sige lang (y)
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  4. interesting! Thank you boss, try ko
  5. ayos to boss...thanks for sharing...
  6. pa bookmark po nito, thanks!!!
  7. hehehe! working yan! yan ginagamit namin dito sa saudi...pang alfa...
  8. nice. makabili nga ng beer.
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