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Make your Taskbar and Start Menu Transparent: TASKBAR TRANSIZER

Discussion in 'Windows Themes' started by diomedrano, Sep 7, 2013.



    Render Windows taskbar, Start menu and All Programs section transparent
    Adjust opacity level individually for each of the three sections
    Autostarts with Windows

    Review from Softpedia:

    If all you want is to render Windows Start menu and taskbar transparent, Taskbar Transizer is the perfect solution, regardless of your Windows operating system. The application can make the aforementioned areas as clear as you want without the original blur of the glass effect.

    Regardless of the operating system you're running, the urge to make a change to the way it looks will always come at one point. For some users a mild modification such as a different wallpaper or screensaver will suffice, but for others a full makeover is in order.

    If neither of the two works for you, there are plenty of third party applications designed to make small changes to different areas of the operating system; AeroTuner and AquaSnap are two alternatives to tweaking Aero Glass feature of Windows 7 and the transparency of active windows.

    Taskbar Transizer on the other hand, has been created only to adjust the transparency level of the taskbar and Start menu area. The application is absolutely free of charge and does not require installation. Simply unzip the archive and launch the executable.

    It comes with an uncomplicated, straightforward interface which lists all the options available in two simple menus. One of them lets you control the opacity of the Windows areas affected by Taskbar Transizer while the second allows you to decide how the app should start.

    Adjusting the transparency level is an easy job. Everything consists in dragging by a slidebar until you reach the desired level. The effects are visible on the spot so you you'll be able to witness the effects as you apply them.

    The three different areas you can make transparent with Taskbar Transizer are Windows Taskbar, Windows Start Menu and its Programs section. For each of these you can set transparency anywhere between 3% (you can barely see the elements) to 100% (the items are as opaque as the operating system permits them to be).

    The application works on both Windows 7 and XP, but transparency effects are applied differently to the latter, depending on the Start menu of your choice. If you pick the Classic menu style, All Programs section will not be affected by transparency settings. This behavior is also typical for running the application on Windows 7.

    Opacity configuration for all three areas can be set at the same time by enabling the same value for all of them. Thus, when you drag by a slider you’ll be setting the same transparency level for the taskbar, Start menu and the All Programs area.

    Setting up the application is an easy job, considering that the only options available are enabling it to start with the operating system and restarting Windows Explorer (to be used if you have problems with Start menu appearance).

    Taskbar Transizer is a very simple application that does exactly what it is supposed to. However, it can be greatly improved by adjusting some of its effects so that they provide a comfortable experience all the way.

    As it is now, the program enforces transparency not only on Windows Taskbar, Start menu and All Programs areas, but also on the content they’re holding. Thus, the elements available on the taskbar (either icons of opened programs, pinned programs, system tray, quick launch items, etc.) also fade when opacity level goes down. The same goes for the links and items in the Start menu and All Programs area in XP.

    Limiting the dimming only to the elements of the operating system would result in floating items on the taskbar and an easy to navigate transparent Start menu, turning everything into a great visual effect. This in turn would reflect a Taskbar Transizer that also adds comfort not only a great looking particularity to your Windows.

    Having an option that would enable the elements to turn opaque as you move the mouse over them would also make for a great improvement in the program. Because of its simplicity and lack of more flexible options, Taskbar Transizer fails to impress the average Joe.

    All in all Taskbar Transizer is a small app designed for the nifty job of making parts of the desktop transparent to a point of your choice. It fulfills its purpose brilliantly, but additional options could improve the overall experience and make it more comfortable.

    The Good

    On the upside, Taskbar Transizer requires no installation, it is extremely easy to use and its effects of every change you make are visible on the spot.

    The transparency level can be set individually for each of the three areas, or you can enable the same level for them automatically.

    The Bad

    The items present on the taskbar and in the Start menu are also made transparent, which makes it difficult to distinguish between them.

    Although simplicity is greatly appreciated in most cases, in Taskbar Transizer this also comes with lack of options and flexibility.

    The Truth

    Taskbar Transizer is a simple package with simple and efficient options. It does not require installation and all the changes on the system can be spotted as you make them.

    However, dimming the taskbar and the Start menu also affects the elements they hold, thus making the use of the software a bit uncomfortable when working with these areas.

    Feedback kung nagustuhan niyo..:vamp::vamp:

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