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Tutorial Lg p-920 upgrade to ics or jb

Discussion in 'Android Unlocking & Rooting' started by ur2ec, Feb 12, 2015.


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  1. ur2ec

    ur2ec Enthusiast Established

    Using the Please or Register to view linksFlashtool has never been to my liking. So, as soon as I read about the new ICS for P920, I dug up my hard drive for that nice little tool that had beautifully served me back in the ghost-calls days to easily flash back and forth Froyo and Gingerbread! After successfully upgrading once more, this time to ICS, I decided to write this guide.

    DISCLAIMER: This procedure is NOT for the faint hearted! If something goes wrong and you fry your device, I cannot be held responsible. Hundreds of people have successfully upgraded (or downgraded) their devices using this guide. If something doesn't work for you then you're doing something wrong! Read the guide again and find what you've been missing.

    I'm always open to suggestions. So, if you feel like I should have described some part in a different way, please say so. Of course, this means that from time to time, as new suggestions come in, I will edit parts of the guide to make it as helpful and understandable as possible. So, if you are planning to flash, stay tuned for the latest info.

    Links to KDZ files
    - Please or Register to view links (rename it to V28B_00.kdz)
    - Please or Register to view links
    - Please or Register to view links
    - You can actually use any Please or Register to view links

    Flashing Part 1 (What you need):
    A. Download and install LGUnitedMobileDriver attached at the end of this post.
    B. Download and unzip KDZ_Flashing_Software.zip attached at the end of this post.
    C. From the folder you just unzipped, install LGMobile Support Tool (B2CAppsetup.exe). Quit the application after installation has completed.
    D. Right-click on msxml 4.0 SP3 parser.msi and select Install.
    E. BACKUP your data including the contents of your internal SD to your PC, especially if you're upgrading from ported SU760 ROM, cause it may be erased!!!
    F. (Win7+ users only) Open the properties of the UpTestEX.exe and Windows Enabler.exe, enable XPSP3 compatibility mode and Admin rights and click OK.

    Flashing Part 2 (Procedure):
    1. Run "Windows Enabler.exe" and turn it on by clicking on its taskbar icon.
    2. From the folder you unzipped previously, run UpTestEX.exe and select 3GQCT and CS_EMERGENCY
    3. Select the KDZ file you want to flash.
    4. Put your phone in S/W download mode
    ... To do this, you need to shutdown phone and connect USB. To make sure phone is off, press power for about 10sec. While keeping Vol-Up pressed, press power for about 3sec. After you hear the USB connection sound on the PC, you may release Vol-Up. (Depending on your bootloader, you may see the Korean S/W screen, or your screen may remain black). If this is the first time, let the PC install drivers.
    5. Now click on "Normal web upgrade test" (don't click on "Start Upgrade").
    6. In the new window that opens, click on "Upgrade Start".
    7. Select "Different Country" and your preferred language and hit "OK".

    8. Flashing has now started. Wait until you see the following...
    14:37:21 : CDMA: wParam = 2004, lParam = 99
    14:37:21 : Model Dll Msg Not Found(2004, 99)
    14:37:23 : CDMA: wParam = 2004, lParam = 100
    14:37:23 : Model Dll Msg Not Found(2004, 100)
    14:37:23 : CDMA: wParam = 2001, lParam = 0
    14:37:23 : Model Dll Msg Not Found(2001, 0)
    (It is normal to hear the USB disconnection sound before flashing is finished. DO NOT INTERRUPT before you see the above log!)
    Wait until the updater has finished.
    9. Exit the tool and remove USB cable.
    10. Power on the phone to see that everything works.

    Factory Reset
    It is not necessary but advisable to do a Factory Reset at this point, so make sure you have made a copy the contents of your Internal SD to your computer and go to System Settings/Backup & reset/Factory data reset. Select "Erase Internal Memory" and press "Reset phone".
    IMPORTANT: Do not try to do the factory reset as described above after you have flashed a custom recovery. You may end up in a "recovery loop"! Instead, you can boot into your custom recovery and do the reset from there!

    How to root:
    There are three methods that I know of. You are free to select the one that suits you best, but Baidu is my personal favourite and can be used on other devices too.

    BAIDU EASY ROOT APK (any ROM - Easiest way)
    Make sure you have USB Debugging and Unknown Sources enabled.
    Turn off all Internet communications (mobile data and WiFi).
    Attached at the end of this post you will find the app. Just install it as a normal apk and run it. If you forgot to turn off Internet, it will ask you to upgrade. Don't let it, because the newer version will be in Chinese! Sometimes, the app may exit after you refuse to update, so be quick to hit the "root'' button before it asks.
    In about a minute you will have root access. I would then recommend you to go to PlayStore and install SuperSu, run it and let it replace the su binary.
    After that, you can uninstall Baidu root.

    VROOT ON PC (ICS only)
    Read Please or Register to view links by OptimusRS

    1. Download Please or Register to view linksand save it somewhere in your Please or Register to view links
    2. Use Please or Register to view links to install Wkpark's v1.25a ICS bootloader (read Please or Register to view linksif you need more help with the tool). After this step, your boot-up LGlogo will be silver!
    3. With the same tool install a GB recovery. (ICS recoveries are only for xbsall's ported SU760 ROM, they can't read your internal SD - Read Please or Register to view links for an in-depth analysis)
    4. Boot into recovery
    5. Flash the zip from step (1) and reboot. Check your apps drawer, you should now have Superuser app.
    6(optional). Now that you have root access, if you want, you can restore the Stock Bootloaders and Recovery (you can't have a custom kernel with stock bootloader). Download Stock_ICS_btldr-recov.zip (attached to this post). Reboot to recovery and flash it. Reboot. Now you have a rooted ICS with stock bootloaders and stock recovery!

    Please or Register to view links about bootloaders and recoveries. This is important info. If you understand it, you will avoid lots of problems when flashing.

    1. If you shutdown your phone from the power menu, it will turn back on by itself. This is a bug in Wkpark's 1.25a bootloader. If you want to completely shut your phone, just keep power pressed for about 10sec as soon as it starts to reboot.
    2. To boot to recovery, Shut your phone down as described above. Keep Vol-down pressed and press Power for about 4sec. Release Vol-down when you see the silver LGlogo. If this doesn't work, there is also another way. Again shut your phone completely. Keep Vol-down + 3D pressed and press Power for about 4sec. You will see a menu with three options. The last one will be -Recovery and it will be preselected. Release keys. In a few sec the phone will reboot to recovery. Remember that the O3D is quite stubborn and may not boot to recovery every time. Keep trying and it will work eventually!
    3. I mentioned above the possibility to get into a recovery loop (your phone boots only to recovery). I have made a flashable zip to break this loop and boot back to android. Just download P920_ICS_RecoveryLoop_Breaker.zip (attached at the end of this post) to your computer. While your phone is in recovery, connect it via USB, select to mountSD to computer and copy the zip. Eject from computer and flash the zip. Reboot. After booting into system, you'll have to flash a new recovery (e.g. from ROM Manager or OS_hâckïng's Tool).
    4. Losing IMEI is something that doesn't normally happen when flashing KDZ files. It happens sometimes when flashing BIN/FLS. I suspect that flashing a KDZ with this guide after you have lost your IMEI will actually fix it! This remains to be proven (feedback please). Another way that has been confirmed to work is to run LGMobile Support Tool, connect your phone in S/W download mode and select "Recovery Phone" from the "Customer Support" menu. A popup will appear asking for the IMEI. You need to type the correct one (it's written beneath the battery). The tool will then download and flash the latest official firmware for your country/provider fixing IMEI at the same time.

    CREDITS (please say thanks to these people):
    - P_U_A_John for his original guide in using the KDZ_FW_UPD tool (Mod UpTestEX - XP only)!
    - OS_hâckïng for his All-in-one Tool
    - OptimusRS for his Rooting Photo-Guide
    - Zlmbbl and the chinese team for leaking the ROM
    - Stobias_ah for uploading v28b to a European server.
    - Evil Slayer for uploading v30a to dev-host.
    - Gazhead for his flashable SU.
    - Lzzar for giving me the idea of how to break the recovery loop.
    - Black-Byte.de, Me2freedom and Woodpeckerlo for testing on Win7+
    - LGfor the Support tool, PC Suite and drivers (but you have already paid for those) LOL!
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