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Tutorial [LATEST Released] CoC Bot MyBot v6.1.2

Discussion in 'Clash of Clans' started by Chad Drachter, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. Mybot Version 6.1.2 working with May 2016 SC update

    New Version Released, new GUI, tons of new features, and works with May Update! ...

    .:. The only Bot with True Background Mode and Multi-Bot support .:.

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    If you use MEmu or Droid4x, you can minimize the bot and the emulator, turn your screen off, play games, do other things with your computers, or even lock or switch users.

    You can also run as many bots as you want on your computer. This allows you to farm all of your accounts at the same time.

    (Download link is at the bottom of this post, but please read the entire post before downloading. There is a lot of important information.)

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    How To Install And Run:
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    6.1.2 Changelog:

    • Add taiwan language translation by @flowclouds
    • Add turkish language translation by @LadyBluee
    • Improved donate castle clan dark spell
    • Fixed open donate chat
    • Improved recognitions troops & spells train & donate window
    • Fix PushBullet "Delete all Msg now" button
    • Fix and Update Laboratory Upgrade feature for new troops & spells (Missing new icons, to be added later)
    • Add French language translation by @Boju (Missing some translate, to be added later)
    • Fix Wrong donation first troop when troop to donate do not fit in castle
    • Add button open strategy folder
    • Add persian language translation by Raad and Ali Faraji
    • Fix create dark spells

    6.1.1 Changelog:

    • Improve BlueStacks2 zoom-out over waters, replaced ADB script with AutoIt click&drag and ctrl mouse-click (same as BlueStacks now)
    • Fixed donated troops not re-trained right before attack
    • Fixed bot language setting when running with command line parameters
    • Add italian language translation by davideroma94
    • Fixed attack bar troops detection
    • Fixed donate castle clan troops

    Key changes for v6.1

    * Fixed deadbase collectors default value first start
    * Improved rage spell train window
    * Fixed queen detection train window
    * Fixed language translation available (at this moment only german translate it is avaiable)

    Key changes for v6.0

    * New GUI interface, more user friendly
    * Updated elixir troop training barracks positions for May 2016 update
    * Updated donation for May 2016 update
    * Improve donation when no spells are available to skip spell donation
    * Improve multiple bot instances grouped in taskbar
    * Improve bot launch time
    * Strategies, load and save your train/search/attack settings
    * Add search options: numbers of searches, cup ranges, army camps %
    * End battle options split for dead bases, active bases, th snipes
    * Add Number of Walls in statistics (needs to be manually entered and updated)
    * Milking Attack improved, now also usable by LOW performance computers
    * Fix profilereport read attacks and defenses
    * Fix bot window double redraw using start/stop buttons
    * Fix random Wizard training issue due training window icon change in recent update
    * Improve maintainence break detection with OCR remaining time and adjust reload click frequency
    * Improve Spell training to ensure training of spells for next attack when camp is full
    * Improve Hero activation reliability when CSV scripts use long SLEEPAFTER values
    * Add detection for Rate CoC message and click never to close window
    * Add detection for Game Update available, and stop bot when found.
    * Change troop donation order to donate largest troop space first (Donate Big First forum MOD)
    * Add "click to find" ability in upgrade GUI to enable locating which building is selected for upgrade (loot type is now locate button)
    * Change order of preferred Android to MEmu, Droid4X, Nox, BlueStacks2 and BlueStacks
    * Add BlueStacks support for new "plus" engine that is based on VirtualBox hypervisor
    * Add Nox 3.3 & 3.5.1 support of OpenGL and DirectX modes (window resizing for low monitor resolution not working for 3.3 but could work for 3.5.1!)
    * Improve Android script for zoom-out over waters and ADB initialization
    * Improve BlueStacks zoom-out over waters, replaced ADB script with AutoIt click&drag and ctrl mouse-click (not for BlueStacks2!)
    * Improve BlueStacks / BlueStacks2 time to connect ADB
    * Fix Android restart preserving hidden Window State and System Bar State
    * Fix BlueStacks / BlueStacks2 ADB Mouse Event Device not found
    * Fix Click & Drag scrolling (swipe) for Android Emulator (Laboratory 2nd and 3rd page fix!)
    * Fix MakeScreenshot using Android client height of 732 pixel
    * Wall upgrades using Elixir are now allowed when Laboratory requires Elixir by checking if Elixir will last after Wall upgrade
    * Fix earthquake detection issues
    * Update barrack mode training for new barrack levels with more troops
    * Add attack scheduler (hours of day AND days of week)
    * Add seperate option to remove gem box
    * Updated OCR spell detection in train window - [03/06/2016]

    Use this download link:

    Please or Register to view links

    Note: Bawal parin po ito base on SC fair play policy kaya anytime po pwede parin mabanned account niyo pag nadetect kayo ni SC kaya do this at your own risk nalang po :D

    Please read!
    Very Important: MyBot.Run .vs. Fair Play FAQ

    List of Fair Play Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

    Q: Where can I learn more about Fair Play Initiative?

    A: All discussion on Fair Play Initiative has been merged into Please or Register to view links. There is also banner announcement with Please or Register to view links.

    Q: Is there risk of ban using MyBot.run?

    A: Yes. There is always risk of ban when you violated SC TOS. Each user must decide IF they accept risk. Currently, risk is considered to be low.
    >Prior to Fair Play initiative, MyBot.run forums had less than 6 users reporting ban by SC over more than 1 year of availability (or 0.002% probability). Since Fair Play initiative, forums have had 2 users reporting ban by SC for only MyBot.run use. MyBot.run has over 300000 registered users and even more downloads of Bot software.

    Q: I read about many people were banned for use of ïllêgâl game MOD software, does MyBot.run contain game MOD's?

    A: No. The Official Release from developers does not contain any code that modifies Android game files.
    >But, there are community posts available with compilation bots and direct downloads with CSV MOD's, that will modify CoC game files. Use of any game MOD significantly increases your risk of receiving ban, and are not recommended.

    Q: What is difference between CSV MOD of game files and Scripted Attack CSV files?

    A: They are completely different, use of Scripted Attack using CSV files will not increase ban risk!
    > CSV MODs are files that modify CoC's game files. They are found in few posts inside Please or Register to view links These are very dangerous.
    > CSV script attack files are files that contain attack plans. These safe CSV files are found in Please or Register to view links They do not modify any Android game files and are impossible to detect.

    Q: How is SC checking for use of ïllêgâl software?

    A: No one except SC knows this answer.
    >MyBot.run developers are trying to collect data from banned users to help us learn what triggers psychic Octopus to attack Please or Register to view links.
    >Based on this data collected we believe SC has multi-step plan to ban users of ïllêgâl software. First wave was primarily targeted towards Game MOD's (xmod, imod, etc). As we learn more, this FAQ and forums will be updated.

    Q: MyBot.run v5.3.2 was released 4 weeks prior to Fair Play initiative, Do I need to new bot program to reduce my ban risk?

    A: No. MyBot.run features have ALWAYS been designed to minimize detection risk for using ïllêgâl software that violates SC TOS. BUT you must use bot settings that reduce ban risk!

    Q: What bot settings should I use to reduce ban risk?

    A: These are suggested settings:
    > always use smart attack (near redline) feature when farming for resources. (smart attack is always used with CSV script attacks)
    > attack only dead bases when using simple BARCH/BAM/GIBARCH army compositions without spells.
    > always use CSV script attack when attacking live bases for trophy push or DE farming to ensure random troop placements based on enemy layout.
    > Only use bot to farm "normal" number of hours per day. Data suggests that more than 12 hours per day of attacking increases risk.
    : There are many ways to limit attack time per day; use of Halt mode or using expert setting of PB management set to 12 hour (720 minute) break.
    : Attacking time (training/search/attack/repeat) is different than total online time. Staying online more 12 hours/day has not produced any bans to date. And since you can Please or Register to view links (check link) , we believe SC will need to prove bot use in addition to staying online 24/7 to ban users.
    > Do not use FF, 8F or any fast troop dropping attacking that is not possible by human. Note - there is FF CSV attack in v5.3.2 that will be removed in next release due high risk.
    > Not a bot setting, but disable auto-update of CoC inside Android emulator. Latest version will always have increased ban risk.

    Q: Will I get banned for using an emulator to play CoC?

    A: No. According to SC official forum post, you will not get banned for use of emulator.

    Q: Does using rooted version of Bluestacks, Memu, or Droid4x increase risk of ban?

    A: According to SC official forum post, you will not be banned for use of rooted Android emulators.
    >As MyBot.run team studied our emulators we have found some concerns:
    - Memu & Droid4x have root access when downloaded from source developer. You can not download these emulators without root access enabled. All rooted emulators bypass some Android privacy protections and gives game apps greater access to files on virtual SDCARD. Problem - Apps can see every folder/file name.
    : MyBot.run true background mode (Memu/Droid4x only) does temporarily store files (image captures from game and click location maps) on SDCARD that may increase risk.
    - Most emulators provide method to share files between PC and Android. Some even enable links to files on user PC from inside Android. So game app may be able to see your "Apps", "Pictures", and "My Documents" folder on your PC.
    : There is way to disable sharing all these folders and development team is working on easy solution for users.
    - Since all emulators report CPU type as x86, but reports device ID for hardware that does not use x86 CPU (most report Samsung Galaxy Note), ANY emulator is easy to detect. All different farming bots use slightly different emulator resolution, so detecting resolution does not 100% indicate bot use.
    : There is very little that can be done about this problem without creation of a custom MyBot.Run emulator, which brings many new challenges.

    Q: What is MyBot.run team plan to change to further reduce risk after Fair Play initiative?

    A: Many things. Sorry, we do not want to post all our plans in forums.

    Mouse can not compete in Cat & Mouse game if he tells Cat I am going be wearing a monkey costume tomorrow!

    There are some items we can share as they are common sense:

    - remove all high risk attack methods (FF), and change bot default settings for lower risk.

    - expanded attack search options for more variability & control on combo search settings.

    - increase randomization on troop drop positions to be less bot like

    - improved red line detection (in development for 2+ months now)

    - Add couple additional options that allow users to more easily customize bot run time per day.

    - Adjust code to fix some rooted emulator privacy problems

    - more anti-ban as needed!

    Q: I am paranoid, can not wait for next developer release to reduce my ban risk, What should I do?

    A1: Sorry. If you do not want to get banned for use of ïllêgâl software, then stop using bot. It is not possible to guarantee NO risk.
    A2: Some testing is being done on possible methods to reduce ban risk. We have no data if they help; but you can help test Please or Register to view links?

    Thanks for reading.
    Bot Safe and Bot On!

    Big thanks and credits to all moderators & contributors of mybot run team...(y)

    Thanks and enjoy botting!
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2016
  2. thx TS
  3. I'm not sure it will still work with the new update. AGAIN!
  4. May update ba again? Wahaha ;)
    last SC update January 26, 2016 kahapon lang.

    Latest update po ito boss kaya working siya with SuperCell new update January 26,2016.

    Feedback po kayo ulit if working po sa inyo.

    Last edited: Jan 27, 2016
  5. Thanks for sharing :)
  6. Welcome po TS ;)
  7. Oh cool! Thanks for this man. They updated as well as supercell did. How nice
  8. EARZE

    EARZE PHC Contributor Established

    Thanks for Sharing Boss.. (y)
  9. xnu17

    xnu17 Addict Established

    nakalagay na pwedeng mag-error sa th6 below pero tinry ko pa rin.haha.. :D
    sa th4 : di ko alam kung bakit pero pinagtitripan nya yung pekka.haha. pero gumagana naman...usual error cant find training window atah yun.
    sa th5 : smooth naman... di ko alam kung may mali akong napindot pero minsan di nya niuutilize yung ibang barracks... baka may mali lang siguro ako... usual error cant find training window... pero ok lang naman...
    sa th6 : di ko natry, wala ako th6.
    sa th7 above : di ko muna tinry baka ma misclick yung gem malamit na magbuilder.hehe. wait muna ako sa ibang feedbacks...

    thanks pala ts. (y)
  10. Welcome TS ;) thanks din sa feedback... (y)
  11. Sa pc ba dnadwnload po yan?
  12. Yes boss
  13. Hi where can i download the latest update?can i have the link?thanks
  14. This is the updated version boss.
    Here's the link;
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  15. thanks po hehe going to try this
  16. Guys may updated version na ulit ;) just check na lang po na update ko na din po itong thread ko may nilagay na ako new download link mybot v5.1.4

    Hit like and thanks lang po para sa incoming updates pa ulit sishare ko po agad dito...(y)

    Thanks guys!
    Mabuhay PHC...
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