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Latest Huawei Unlock Codes (tested)

Discussion in 'Mobile Broadband Modems' started by tenten10, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. Post here your imei i will try to unlock it for you :). Make sure lang na nasa listahan ng supported modems ang modem nyo.
    1. Replace unsupported sim card to your modem
    2. Copy paste unlock code
    3. Enjoy your new unlocked modem :)

    Supported modems:

    Huawei e1550
    Huawei e153
    Huawei e1551
    Huawei e1553
    Huawei e155
    Huawei e156
    Huawei e158
    Huawei e160
    Huawei e161
    Huawei e166
    Huawei e169
    Huawei e1609
    Huawei e1612
    Huawei e1615
    Huawei e1616
    Huawei e1690
    Huawei e1692
    Huawei e170
    Huawei e171
    Huawei e172
    Huawei e176
    Huawei e172G
    Huawei e177
    Huawei e1732
    Huawei e1762
    Huawei e1780
    Huawei e182E
    Huawei e1803
    Huawei e1815
    Huawei e1820
    Huawei e1823
    Huawei e196
    Huawei e226
    Huawei e1831
    Huawei e2010
    Huawei e216
    Huawei e219
    Huawei e220
    Huawei e22X
    Huawei e230
    Huawei e510
    Huawei e612
    Huawei e618
    Huawei e620
    Huawei e630
    Huawei e630plus
    Huawei e660
    Huawei e660A
    Huawei eG162
    Huawei eG602
    Huawei eG602G
    Huawei e800
    Huawei e870
    Huawei e880
    Huawei K3517
    Huawei K3520
    Huawei K3710
    Huawei e137
    Huawei e272
    Huawei e303
    Huawei e173Cs 1
    Huawei e3121
    Huawei e3131
    Huawei e3131 420d
    Huawei e362
    Huawei e363
    Huawei e367
    Huawei e368
    Huawei e369
    Huawei e3276
    Huawei e352
    Huawei e353
    Huawei e355
    Huawei e357
    Huawei e372
    Huawei e392
    Huawei e397
    Huawei e398
    Huawei e586
    Huawei e5776
    Huawei e5776s 22
    Huawei e589
    Huawei e589u 12
    Huawei HiLink
    Huawei e5372
    Huawei 823F
    Huawei e3272
    Huawei 423s
    Huawei e8231
    HHuawei e5330
    Huawei e3372
    Huawei e3531
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2015
  2. lamaran11

    lamaran11 Addict Established

    meron kaba pang unlock boss Huawei b933
  3. bago ba yang modem mo? send mo nga imei subukan ko kung pwede.
  4. lamaran11

    lamaran11 Addict Established

    2008 yta yung version nun..ok next week boss send ko sayo ksi nasa manila ako diko dala modem ko..
  5. lamaran11

    lamaran11 Addict Established

  6. jacky270

    jacky270 Enthusiast Established

    sa akin e2 boss..B933
    IME: 353860020222238
  7. boss pwede ba ako magpa unlock
    Model # E5330Bs-2
    IMEI: 865706022818328
  8. pa unlock po...
    Model: E5330Bs-2
    ImEI : 866608026351414
  9. pa unlock bossing..
    MODEL: E586es-2
    IMEI: 860517010333153
    Thank you!
  10. eto unlock code mo bossing 18916197

    eto unlock code mo bossing 92234532. pasensya na ngayon lng ulit nakadalaw. feedback po kayo kung working.

    eto unlock code mo bossing 60243824. feedback po kung nagana.
  11. Maraming salmat sir ok na OPEN line na Pocket wifi ko hayahay ang buhay hehehehe
  12. welcome :)
  13. bye2186

    bye2186 Enthusiast Established

    Model E3131s-3
    ako rin sir
  14. eto unlock code mo 61272638. feedback ka kung working ah. salamat
  15. bye2186

    bye2186 Enthusiast Established

  16. talaga po? baka naman mali nabigay mo skin na imei.

    try mo to working na yan 46645376. pag di pa working yan. ewan ko na lang.
  17. bye2186

    bye2186 Enthusiast Established

    e2 yun sir.
    Device name: E3131
    Application port: COM10
    Serial number: M4W7SA9331614382
    IMEI: 863644013614335
    Hardware Version: CH2E303SM
    Firmware Version:
    Software Version:
  18. try mo ung pangalawang code na binigay ko sau.
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