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killer (a dog story)

Discussion in 'Stories, Fiction & Essays' started by DonttrustanyonE, May 5, 2016.

  1. killer (a dog story)
    ( i do have a dog but we love him with all are heart )

    Dog side of the storyrnI remember the first time i met you , you treated me like if i was your own baby you let me sleep in your room you always focus on me i was your life .I remember that day when mom did not have money to buy food for me so you when to the pawn shop and pawn your ipod just to get me to eat and on chrismas you cover me with your blankets cause i was real real cold. You took me bath when ever i got dirty . you cherish every momement we where together i used to be your number one and that i will never forget . But one day you found some one else to love and your love to me faited away . It hurted me when you realize that you did wrong to me and i was gone and it was to late to say your to sorry now. How i feel about my dog that now his resting in peace ( I miss u so much you meant alot to me and julio had to make the desicion of letting you go because it was the right choice we din't really have time to give you treatment the doctor told us that we could of done treatment but it was risk taking because your chances to survie were like 10 percent now i know that you are resting in peace and you are with god we love you so much you're gone but you will never be forgotten .... Love Me angie , julio and the family sanchez... RIP gone but never
    Credits to respectful owner (y)
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