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Kids poem: The hen and fox

Discussion in 'Quotes & Poems' started by Yours, May 5, 2016.

  1. MY own fat hen
    Did go one day
    Out in the lot,
    An egg to lay.

    The day was hot
    A cow sat by,
    And in her ear
    Was a big fly.
    "Buz, buz, buz, buz"
    The fly did go,
    In the cow's ear,
    bit it so.

    The cow did say,
    "moo! moo I
    Do go a-way,
    do ! do !

    " Go to the pig,
    You bad old fly,
    Get out ! get out !
    moo I my !"
    It did not go,
    The bad old fly ;
    And now it lit
    In the cow's eye.

    Tip she did hop !
    And ran a-way;
    And now my hen
    Her egg did lay.

    But oh ! oh ! oh !
    A sly red fox,
    Who was all hid
    In an old box,
    Did get my hen
    And get her egg,
    Tho' she did cry,
    And she did beg.

    But the red fox,
    me ! my !
    He bit and bit,
    So she did die.

    He ate her up
    In his old den :
    He ate her up,
    My own fat hen.
    And I so sad
    All day, did spy
    To see the bad
    Red fox go by.

    I set a net,
    And oh ! I saw
    The bad red fox
    Put in his paw.

    Now he did cry,
    And he did beg,
    But no ! I had
    Him by the leg.
    To let him go
    Was not to be,
    And our old Dan
    Did say to me :

    " the bad fox !
    As I say 'one,’
    I'll hit him pop !
    Out of my gun."

    The fox did die,
    And my new hen
    Can lay an egg,
    Or two, or ten.
    For now no fox
    Can eat my lien,
    Or get her egg,
    Or two, or ten.

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