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Kids poem: Teaching of God

Discussion in 'Quotes & Poems' started by Yours, May 13, 2016.

  1. He reigns on high, a glorious King,
    In ocean, earth, and air;
    He moves and governs every thing,
    For God is every where.

    The waters at his bidding flow ;
    The mountain and its flower
    Their majesty and beauty show,
    As traces of his power.

    The lilies by the meadow rills
    Are leaning on his hand ;
    And so the cedar of the hills,
    The palm and olive stand.

    He formed the birds, that sport along
    On light and brilliant wing ;
    And tuned them with the voice of song
    And joy, his praise to sing.

    This earth is ours, so rich and fair,
    Prom him, who made it thus-
    Who sends his angels down with care
    To minister to us.

    The rainbow, with its beauteous dies,
    A pledge to man, is lent
    By him, who spreads the shining skies
    Around him "as a tent."

    The heavens, my child, are full of him !
    Yon radiant sun above
    Is but an image, cold and dim,
    Of his great power and love.

    He placed that glorious orb on high,
    In splendor there to roll,
    To warm the world, to light the eye ;
    He lights and warms the soul.

    And lest the night with sable shade
    That azure vault should mar,
    He moved his finger there, and made,
    At every touch, a star.

    With these the moon, his beaming gift,
    Here lets her lustre fall,
    Our thoughts to win, our hearts to lift
    To him, who gave them all.

    And he is ours- -that Holy One,
    Our Father, Guide, and Friend ;
    In ways untravelled by the sun,
    In love that ne'er shall end.

    'Tis sweet to worship him below ;
    With his approving eye
    To mark the way our spirits go
    To seek his face on high.

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