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Tutorial jamesiswizard_1 Welcome to Free Internet By Using Cproxy by coderscore

Discussion in 'General Mobile Network Tutorials' started by jamesiswizard_1, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Welcome guys and today am going to teach you how to use cproxy application for the purpose of getting free internet..

    WHAT YOU NEED: -Desktop PC or Laptop. -Prepaid Broadband Stick. (Globe tattoo o SmartBRO) -CProxy software.

    -Desktop PC.
    -Maxthon Browser.

    1. Download the CProxy application and then install it. Register at their site for a free account (you have to register to get an ID and Password. Go to Please or Register to view links)
    2. Run the application and then enter the user ID and password you get after the registration. Then click APPLY.


    3. Run your browser then change the configuration.

    If you’re using FIREFOX: Go to: Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings.


    If you’re using GOOGLE CHROME: Go to: Options > Under the Hood > Network > Change proxy Settings.


    PORT: 3128
    PORT: 3128
    PORT: 9000
    Just type that and leave other slots the way they used to.
    Click APPLY NOW, connect to the internet. and.... Enjoy the free Internet Access NOTES:
    The CProxy account has a limit of 100 mb which is good for 3 days.
    So if you want to continuously have a free internet using the software you will need to register and you have to provide valid e-mail address to register. 1 email address = 1 account.
    Indeed you can use spam sites and hotmail aliases for more about hotmail aliases and spam sites visit the page of small tricks and Enjoy.
  2. yun thanks try ko to mamaya (y)
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  3. Hmp pede ba to gamit wifi IDOL? :) thanks for share
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  4. nice boss james mabilis ba ito? pwede pang download
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  5. sige lang
    100 mb lang
  6. Ahh bali hindi sya ung Pang DL?
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  7. Pang Browse Lang
  8. Thanks
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  9. Salamat sa share :)
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  10. pa try po boss.salamat
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  11. Thanks for sharing boss..:)
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  12. welcome.,
  13. Gumagana na ba ulit to sa Luzon mga sir? Update ko yung cproxy account generator kung oo :)
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  14. ui
    update mo boss.try natin.
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  15. Penge, gagamtin ko sa smarty
  16. nabuhay nanaman po ba si cproxy? aba good news yan ,salamat sa share
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  17. may nakapagpagana ba?
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  18. running ba?
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  19. buhayin muli si Cproxy
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  20. tagal naman ng share para free trial account
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