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Tutorial Jamesiswizard_1 10 killer mouse tricks you’ve never tried

Discussion in 'Windows Tools & Tips' started by jamesiswizard_1, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. The Mouse as an input device was one of the coolest inventions in the history of computers. It makes GUI so easy to handle that most of us prefer to use it Please or Register to view links. But then, how many of us really use the mouse to its fullest extent?
    Whenever we feel that we need to click, we press the mouse button (a true replacement of the Enter key). Actually, we use the mouse to perform very little and I say so because we do not know the inner potential and are unaware of many tricks associated with it. However, there are few on top of my head right now that I would like share with our readers.
    1. Holding Shift Key to Select Text

    Most of know that we can select contiguous files and folders by holding the Shift key and clicking on the first and then the last file/folder. This also applies to selecting text on documents like MS Word, Notepad or any other text editor.
    All you need to do is click on the first character, then press the shift, point to the last character, click there and release the Shift key.
    2. Holding Ctrl Key to Select Multiple Text Chunks

    Have you ever wanted to select multiple pieces of text on a document? What do you do then? Here’s the answer. Keep the Ctrl key held while selecting text. Again, keeping it pressed, select another piece of text; select the third piece of text and so on.
    3. Holding Shift Shows Extended Context Menu

    All files and folders are bestowed with a right-click context menu which allows us to perform certain action on the files/folders. Did you know that there are some hidden options in it?
    If you press the Shift Key while doing a right-click you will be presented with an extended menu with those hidden options.
    4. Zoom In and Zoom Out

    All applications- image viewers, document editors, browsers and even the explorer allow you to zoom in and zoom out. While most of them have keyboard shortcuts or a dedicated tool to support that, some have none.
    You can use the mouse scroll to for all zooming activities along with the Ctrl key kept pressed. Never tried? Try it right now!
    5. Window Tips with Mouse

    Many people double click on the center of the title bar in order to maximize the said window. Give it a try if you were unaware of it.
    But the smarter trick is in closing a window by double clicking on the left end of the window title bar.
    6. Hold Ctrl to Open a Link in New Tab

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    Whenever we click on links, some open in the same tab, some open on a new tab and others open in a new window. We can always right-click on the link and select our desired behavior.
    If your regular choice is Open in New Tab you can emulate the same behavior by holding the Ctrl key and clicking on the link.
    7. Closing Browser Tabs

    Left button of the mouse is not working? And if you do not know the keyboard shortcut to close a browser tab, what are you going to do?
    Simply press the mouse scroll by pointing on the middle of a tab and see what happens.
    8. Activate Mouse ClickLock

    This feature relieves you from keeping the mouse button pressed for performing activities like text selection and moving files of folders. It can be really Please or Register to view links.
    Learn more on how to Please or Register to view links.
    9. Want More Drag Drop Options?

    All of us are accustomed to the drag and drop activity of the mouse. But have you ever tried doing the same with the mouse right key?
    You will see added options to Move Here, Copy Here and Create shortcuts here. Read our article on- Please or Register to view links.
    10. Hold Alt to Select Columnar Text

    Have you ever felt the need to select text vertically on a Word document? And did you end up doing that one by one, wasting lot of time?
    There is a better way in combination with the Alt key and here’s our post on Please or Register to view links.
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