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Help Is it possible to recover deleted photos from HTC One M8?

Discussion in 'Android Phones' started by eunchgre, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. Hello fellows,

    The whole system crashed on my phone when I was flashing a new ROM to the device. Now I restored to factory setting but all my data was gone. I have backed my contacts in Gmail so this is not an issue. I need to recover my previous photos from the phone. How could I do to get those deleted photos back?
  2. Use a recovery software, there are lots of them

    You can try and download Please or Register to view links
    and check this Please or Register to view links
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  3. Sorry to hear this but you can't recover your phone if you factory reset or wipe data :( but try download DR.FONE from playstore.it might help you :)

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  4. Download Dr.Fone and Recuva but they didn't even scan the deleted photos.
  5. Hi eunchgre so sorry to hear that
    Please try Please or Register to view links that i found on google
    It's up to date and there are lots of feedbacks in the comment section. :)
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  6. Theoretically, the deleted data can be recovered if they were not over-written by newly created data, so, you should stop using your phone and try Android data recovery tool to scan your device, maybe you're a lucky man!
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  7. I already stopped the push update and don't know what to do next as i did my best to figure it out. When I searched on Google, there are so many tools called Android data recovery, which one is the best one?
  8. There are many Android data recovery out there, I personally recommend you try Androidsoft Android data recovery tool to scan your phone, This is guide on how to
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  9. Thanks, maybe it works!
  10. Hey eunchgre have you tried this tool Please or Register to view links ?
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