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iphone 3gs no service reset tut

Discussion in 'iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod' started by Emepcoh-79, Aug 25, 2013.

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  1. Good morning

    share ko lang sa iba lalo na sa may encounter na no service. ito sa baba.

    Unlocking your iPhone 3G was
    no easy feat, but it opened up
    the possibilities of being on any
    cell phone service carrier your
    wanted and the chance to
    customize the heck out of your
    iPhone 3G. After unlocking your
    iPhone 3G you now you have
    one big issue, the "No Service"
    error on you unlocked iPhone
    There is an easy fix for this the
    "No Service" iPhone 3G error
    and I can show you just how to
    get rid of it in just a few easy
    . Find and tap on the "Settings"
    icon from your iPhone 3G
    Home screen.
    . Tap on the "General" tab to
    access the next screen.
    . Scroll down and tap the "Reset"
    button in the list.
    . Tap on "Reset Network
    . Once you tap on "Reset
    Network Settings" your iPhone
    3G will automatically reboot.
    . After your iPhone 3G
    automatically reboots the "No
    Service" error message should
    If this option doesn't work,
    there is another solution:
    . Go to "Settings" on your iPhone
    . Tap on "General".
    . Tap on "About".
    . Locate and tap on "Carrier".
    . If your iPhone displays a
    service provider (ex: Verizon
    7.0) then there is an issue with
    your iPhone 3G selecting
    . To fix this manually, select a
    network provider on your
    iPhone 3G.
    . Tap on "Settings" from your
    home screen.
    . Tap on "General".
    . Tap on "About".
    . Tap on "Carrier" and your
    phone will automatically create
    a list of service providers in
    your area.
    . Select a network from the list.
    Reboot the phone and your
    iPhone 3G should set the new
    network automatically.

    hope nakatulong :happy:

    iphone 3Gs reset & restore:
    1-Disconnect the USB cable from the iPhone,
    leave the other end connected to your Mac/PC
    2-Launch iTunes
    3-Press and hold the Home and Power button
    on the top of the iPhone to turn off the device
    4-Press and continue to hold the Home button
    while you reconnect the USB cable to your
    iPhone, this will cause the iPhone to turn on
    5-Continue to hold the Home button until an
    alert message in iTunes appears that an iPhone
    in recovery mode has been detected.
    Now that the iPhone is in recovery mode, you
    must restore the device:
    -From iTunes, look under the “Summary” tab
    -Click on the “Restore” button within iTunes
    This will wipe all files, settings, and apps from
    the iPhone, including the passcode. When the
    restore is finished, the iPhone will be at the
    factory settings. At this point you can choose to
    start from scratch or to restore the iPhone from
    a backup.
    This tip came from an iPhone repair shop,
    where it’s common for people to bring in a
    phone for fixing and then forget to provide the
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2013
  2. Thank you sir! I think gagana to. Kaso my problem is pagpunta ko sa reset may password, sa tito ko kasi originally binigay lang sakin, nakalimutan na daw niya yung password. :'(
  3. paki edit ma'am ng post triple po busy pa ako later check ko reset password nyan
  4. Oops sorry, nakamobile lang kasi ako last time.. Erase ko nalang po. Sige sir, wait ko po reset password. Thank you ulit ng marami! :)
  5. mahirap po magbigay reset password sa iphone 3g hawak ng apple ang warranty pero kung gusto
    mo subukan ipost ko dito how to restore pero all data will be remove from iphone tangi apple itunes na tech nagpepermit ng solosyon sa passcode na 4 digitcode masyado mahigpit sila. sabi sa pag search ko mauunlock mo lang sya kung icoconnect mo sya sa computer where is the 1st it synched.itunes kasi nag uunlock nya. ayaw magbigay un iba baka stolen daw. pero naghahanap pa ako.

    as of now waiting ka lang.
  6. update na po how to reset pasacode sa itunes talaga may nagshare na try mo nalang ma'am hope it help you nasa 1st post ko
  7. Aww. Di naman to stolen, pinadala lang kasi to, then pina-jail break ko sa labas. Kaso sila ata naglagay ng reset password. Napakabad nila. :cry:
    I-ttry ko yung process using iTunes. Walang wala na kasi akong magamit na phone. Wala na din akong tiwala sa labas. :(
    Anyway, thank you ulit. Napakalaking tulong mo sir. (y)
    Dark-berserker likes this.
  8. hahaha yun mga ibang taga iphone lang ma'am na isang foreign forum about iphone ung nagsabi kaya ayaw mag bigay yan nakuha ko sa foreign blog yan pero nag share hope ma unlock nyo po yan, and nakatulong po sa inyo.(y):joyful:
  9. Magulo kasi sa iphone xda forum e, grabe napuyat ako kakabasa dun. Nahilo lang ako. Mejo na-gets ko din naman yung process. Yet gusto ko muna sana i-upgrade my 3gs to iOs5. And I'm not sure kung mareresolve yung No Service issue ko. Wish me luck. Haha. I-ttry ko mamayang gabi to. I'll keep in track from your updates nalang sir. (y)
  10. ngek updates saan sa iphone android ako well sa xda din ako minsan na check at sa gsm solution na member ako. basta mag query ka nalang dito hanapan ko nalang solution kung may need :happy:
  11. Sir pa help naman pano ko ma reboot itong iPhone 3S. "iTunes is Disabled" ito yung error., di na ako maka pasok ulit. Please help.
  12. boss di ko kabisado iphone but meron mga site just like this link

    iphone disabled error fix

    Please or Register to view links

    paki try boss iyan naka android lang ako now mabagal net ill response again on Sunday sa netshop about this.
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