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Introducing solimar

Discussion in 'New Member' started by solimar, Aug 8, 2014.

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  1. Hi all,

    Solimar is my handle, but my name contains all this letters. I am a gadget addict, works in High-Technology Industry, started with high technology during my time:
    - used Radioshack TRS80 with 8" floppy disk, Commodore, Altair, Nintendo, Apple IIe,
    - programmed in Windows 3.0 using paperwhite monitor, used MASM, TurboC, TurboBASIC stored in 720kB 3.5 disk (no 1.4 Mb yet), knows Unix, HP/RMB
    - went to college with only paper, ballpen & SLR camera (that was late 80's),
    - connected worldwide using mIRC, USRobotics 9600kbps modem, playing online
    - installed UHF antenna & watching channels (boxing) from Clark & Subic
    - had Radioshack PC1 & Casio FX750 programmable calculators, Apple NewtonPC 2000 (pre-iPad),
    HP LX95 & HP Jornada 540 (Win2000 Handheld PC), then several phone & smartphones
    - likes PC networking, wired & wireless, mesh networking Metro-wide
    - LTE connections, semiconductor power devices
    - whew!!! anything about electronics, communications, computing ... I like it.
    And lastly, what I love most is the simple & best invention: bicycle.
    "Always online, but outdoor...."
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  2. Draft

    Draft Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Welcome to PHC ;)
  3. Yes sir. When I was young, my parents asked what do you want when you grow up? I replied: to be like James Bond... hehehe.Thank you for accepting my membership. Always was nerd before, then I got married....
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  4. Welcome here.,Actually our Company Is Full .,joke Only.,
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  5. neo anderson

    neo anderson Addict Established

    Welcome to our party Boss solimar (y)(y)(y)
  6. welcome..come show us some tricks :)
  7. astig ni kuya LUPET! :D.
  8. welcome kahit di alam pinagsasabi mo hehehe:happy:
    sino po ba me alam paanu bypass icloud account
    ng iphone..? please help..
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  9. jpotz

    jpotz Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    Lupet noh toL.,.,.well.,uhmm.,welcome to phc,.enjoy your stay.,
  10. Nice. (y) Welcome po.
  11. cool...Welcome to PHCorner....(y)
  12. La Freak

    La Freak Support Team Staff Member Support Team

    :)Welcome To PHC!:snaphappy:
    Enjoy Your Stay Here !! :android:
  13. Mister M

    Mister M PHC Master Established

    welcome to PHcorner
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